How to Unlock Phantom Liberty Ending – Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty expansion gives you two paths to unlock a new ending for the main story, however, it is relatively easy to lock yourself out of this ending if you make wrong choices. It’s worth nothing that even if you do unlock the new ending, you are not forced to go through it — you can just go through of the base game endings whenever you reach the Point of No Return in the game.

There are two crucial choices you need to make during the expansion’s questline to ensure you unlock the ending, but, essentially, you want the storyline to finish with both Songbird and Reed alive. Below, we will go over when these major choices happen, and what you need to pick to unlock the ending.

The Firestarter quest will be towards the end of the story, and it will be your first major choice — your decision here will determine the direction for the rest of the story in the DLC.

At one point you during it will be in a room with Songbird alone (you will be connecting to the mainframe in Kurt’s club), and will be given two choices: “I’m with you.” and “One more second…”. The first choice will take you down the Songbird route, while the latter will take you down Reed’s, which the game helps you identify.

cyberpunk 2077 firestarter

You can unlock the ending with either choice you make here. However, the next choice will look different depending on what you decide here (see next section). Once you make your choice in Firestarter, play out the route until near the end of the story, where the next big decision will happen.

The next section covers two scenarios following your choice in Firestarter: follow the steps for Songbird if you went down her path, or for Reed, if you sided with him.

If you choose the option “I’m with you.”, you will side with Songbird. At this point, simply continue through the questline until you’re towards the end of the quest The Killing Moon. You will be on a train with her, and Johnny will suggest that you call Reed to try to save yourself from your condition. From this point, there are a few options to unlock the ending:

  • Right after Johnny suggests it, call Reed with the option “Reed’ll take care of you”, and pick the option “Deal” towards the end of the conversation.
  • Alternatively, if you choose one of the options to pick up Songbird, you will have a confrontation with Reed. During this conversation, choose “Take her, all yours.” to holster your weapon, and you will get the same result as if you called him earlier.
  • Finally, if while making the deal with Reed you choose the option “Just take ‘er, don’t want a thing from you.”, you will receive a message from Reed after the credits, offering one more chance at the cure. If you respond with “Actually yeah, I have. Got nothing to lose.”, you will be back on track to the new ending.

cyberpunk 2077 the killing moon

Once you choose this, you are free to let the rest of the story play out.

Choosing “One more sec…” in Firestarter will have you siding with Reed. From here, play through the story until you finally catch back up with Songbird in the quest Somewhat Damaged. At this point she will beg you to kill her.

You must NOT choose “OK. I’ll do it.” or you will lock yourself out of the ending.

cyberpunk 2077 somewhat damaged

Make sure you pick “That’s not a solution!” to spare Songbird, then when she asks again, pick either ‘Sprare So Mi’ option and then you will be free to go through the rest of the quest.

Depending on which path you took, you will either get the quest Through Pain to Heaven (Songbird’s path) or Four Score and Seven (Reed’s path), both of which will lead to the quest Who Wants to Live Forever. The Job will take you to the rooftop of Misty’s Esoterica (the same place where you decide your base game ending), and you will have a talk with Johnny before calling Reed.

cyberpunk 2077 who wants to live forever

At the end of the conversation, you will get a warning that calling Reed will put you in the Point of No Return. If you choose “I’ve decided, Johnny.”, you will call Reed and play through the new ending!

We hope you enjoy wrapping up the DLC on a satisfying note. What are your thoughts on its story and the new ending? Let us know in the comments below!

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