Cyberpunk 2077 Quest Walkthrough – Automatic Love: How to Talk Your Way Past Woodman

Whether you’re struggling to win the fight against Woodman, or just doing a non-lethal playthrough, we’ve got a way for you to get past the Clouds boss without a fight.

One of the first tough enemies you’ll face in Cyberpunk 2077 is Oswald Forrest, AKA Woodman. He’s essentially a pimp for the dolls that work at Clouds, which is where you end up in the Automatic Love quest when trying to locate Evelyn, after the heist goes sideways.

Johnny And Woodman
Unfortunately, Johnny isn’t much help in this interaction

Woodman can be a challenging enemy (at least on higher difficulties), and it might seem like there’s no way to get him to tell you what you know without it coming to blows. However, there is at least one dialogue path in which Woodman tells you what you want to know. Here is how to get past Woodman without fighting him:

  1. Say “Looking for Evelyn Parker.”
  2. Say “You look like a reasonable man — let’s make a deal.”
  3. Say “Sorry, done playing nice.”
  4. Say “Let’s not make this harder than it has to be.
  5. Say “One way or another, I’ll find out…”

If you follow the above steps, Woodman will explain to you where Evelyn went, and you’ll get your next quest marker in “Automatic Love”.

Note that if you selected the Corpo lifepath, or if your Intelligence is high enough, there are other ways to talk your way past Woodman.

If you do want to kill him — and we wouldn’t blame you if you do — it might be tough, since you left your weapons at the door, remember? There is a weapon you can find to help you, however. Outside of Woodman’s office there’s a security room, around the corner.

Woodman quest cyberpunk 2077
The door on the right is where the stabby-boy is at

Head inside and you’ll see the knife just to your left in a weapon crate. It’s Epic rarity, so just look for the purple loot icon.

Knife Location woodman quest automatic love
You’re no gonk, so we won’t insult your intelligence with a big red arrow and circle…

If you end up killing or incapacitating Woodman, you can find the information you need to progress the quest on his computer. Either way, your next stop will be the ripper-doc named Fingers on Jig-Jig Street.

We hope our walkthrough was helpful! Let us know if you have any questions or requests for other quest walkthroughs by leaving a comment.

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1 year ago

he ended up attacking me after this. thanks.

Reply to  max
1 year ago

I think you have to pass the intelligence check, it’s 7 points I think. Also if you’ve completed the quest monster hunt, you can tell him what you did and he gets scared of you.

9 months ago

The first time I thought it was natural to just end up shooting your way out of there. This time I managed to see the hole in the fence, take the guy out, get his VIP card and dump his body, talk to talm, and calmly walk my way to his office easy peasy. Chose the streetkid first time, corpo second time, so naturally when there was a corpo option I took it. I was literally stunned and relieved when I just casually strolled my way out of there, even though it technically became a hostile area after the interrogation. Cause there was no way in hell I could have survived the encounter at my level. Came to look for guides to see what I did wrong the first time. Glad to know that even in any other playthrough there’s still a way to casually stroll out of there. It’ll be good for when I check out the nomad side of things.