How to Find All New Iconic Melee Weapons in 2.0 & Phantom Liberty DLC – Cyberpunk 2077

While there aren’t nearly as many iconic melee weapons as iconic guns, we still got a fair chunk added with Phantom Liberty and Update 2.0. What they lack in quantity, though, they make up for with quality. Many of these weapons are brutally lethal, and have unique perks that haven’t been seen before in game.

Some of the items on the list could even become your favorites. If you were looking for some good components for a fire type of build, then the Errata Katana and Volokodav Machete would be great options. On the other hand, if you’re more wanting some compliments to a brutal melee build, then Baby Boomer, Murphy’s Law, and Cut-O-Matic X-MOD-2 are all terrifyingly powerful. Collect them all and see which one you like best!

Remember to check out all new Iconic Items in our All New Iconic Weapons and Cyberware guide, or get a companion Ranged Weapon for your knife, club, or katana from our How to Find All New Iconic Guns guide. (You might note that, in the case of the combos like the Fang (Knife) and Bald Eagle (Power Revolver), we mean this quite literally!)

cyberpunk iconic weapons agaou icon
cyberpunk iconic weapons agaou stats

This axe is on the boss of one of the criminal activities in Dogtown. Three of these criminal activities won’t show up on your map unless you grab the file from the Hideout under Alex’s bar. If you don’t know that area, then continue the main story missions for Phantom Liberty.

cyberpunk iconic weapons file with criminal activity

You will find the criminal activity up on the south-eastern ridge overlooking the district. There is a fast travel point right next to the building. The weapon has to be looted from the boss.

cyberpunk iconic weapons baseball bat xmod2 icon
cyberpunk iconic weapons baseball bat xmod2 stats

Players can find this baseball bat on a sky bridge near The Heavy Hearts Pyramid in Dogtown. It is tucked away behind some bed rolls.

cyberpunk iconic weapons baby boomer icon
cyberpunk iconic weapons baby boomer stats

This bat is rewarded to the player for completing the side quest, Dazed and Confused. Note: at the end of the mission when the player is directing, Lina Lamina must NOT read the letter to get the weapon.

cyberpunk iconic weapons baby boomer location
cyberpunk iconic weapons crowbar icon
cyberpunk iconic weapons crowbar stats

Players can only get this club if they sided with Reed during the main storyline of Phantom Liberty. One of the last missions, and where you will find this weapon, is called, Somewhat Damaged. At the start of the mission, you will jump down into an underground area that has a burning prisoner transport truck at the bottom. Near the burning truck is a locked door that can only be opened with level 20 Body attribute. The weapon is in this room.

cyberpunk iconic weapons cut o matic xmod2 icon
cyberpunk iconic weapons cut o matic xmod2 stats

Players can find this unique chainsword in Terra Cognita, the southwest area of Dogtown. Find the statue of a spaceship and head to its base. You should be able to drop down off a ledge and follow a path. Eventually you’ll come to an area where someone was gruesomely killed, the chainsword in their head.

cyberpunk iconic weapons errata icon
cyberpunk iconic weapons errata stats

Players can find this katana in a building by the Longshore South fast-travel point. Once there, head a couple blocks southeast to the Electric Corporation building. In the basement, there is a door locked that you can only open if you have a high enough Tech level. We have a dedicated guide to this weapon: How to Get the Errata Katana – Cyberpunk 2077.

cyberpunk new 2.0 katana errata in forge v2
cyberpunk iconic weapons fang icon
cyberpunk iconic weapons fang stats

This knife can be taken from Hansen during the main Phantom Liberty quest line. You have to side with Reed to unlock the mission. You will confront him during the mission, Firestarter.

cyberpunk iconic weapons fang location
cyberpunk iconic weapons murphys law icon
cyberpunk iconic weapons murphys law stats

Players can find this one-handed club during the main mission storyline for Phantom Liberty, specifically during the mission, Firestarter. However, you have to side with Songbird during this mission. Later, you will encounter an enemy named Murphy, you can loot the club from his body.

cyberpunk iconic weapons volkodav icon
cyberpunk iconic weapons volkodav stats

Can be found in an airdrop container during the gig ‘Waiting on Dodger’. At one point, you will be sneaking into a room, and Charles (one of the officers) will bump a can onto the floor, alerting the enemies. In the corner of this room is an airdrop container with the Volkodav Machete.

cyberpunk iconic weapons volkodav location
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