Where To Find The Manzanita St. Garage – Cyberpunk 2077 Guide

To complete the Reported Crime: Welcome to Night City mission, you’ll have to loot the stash in the Manzanita St. garage. In this guide, we’ll show you how to find Manzanita Street, as well as how to get the code for the stash.

Before you head to Manzanita Street, you’ll need to investigate the NCPD Reported Crime in the south of Santa Domingo, in Rancho Coronado. Pick up on the shard on the body in the small metal shack. Once you grab the shard, you’ll be able to track the Reported Crime: Welcome to Night City mission.

Manzanita Street garage is located at the foot of the huge concrete retaining wall in the Rancho Coronado neighborhood of Santa Domingo. It’s easy to find on the map: pan to Santa Domingo, and then look for the M shaped squiggle of road at the bottom of the district; the garage is in the eastern most part of the neighborhood just north-east of that squiggly road.

There’s only a couple of 6th Street members guarding the stash, and inside you’ll find a perk point shard, making this little side gig well worth it.

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2 years ago

So you don’t use the 1313 code at all?