Where to Find All Iconic x-MOD2 Weapons in Phantom Liberty – Cyberpunk 2077

A particularly fun activity in the Phantom Liberty expansion for Cyberpunk 2077 is hunting down a variety of hidden Iconic weapons, scattered all over Dogtown. There should be something for everyone, with both ranged and melee weapons on the list – or, maybe you’re just a gun collector and you don’t even need the extra motivation. Yet, some weapon sets, like the x-MOD2, can appeal to both the collectibles addicts and players wanting to experiment with their arsenal.

These weapons don’t have the most exciting perks to start off with, because they’re all regular weapons that have more mod slots for enhanced customization. However, if you have a favorite regular gun (it’s the sleek Umbra Assault Rifle for us), and want a more customizable version to make it fit your build, then these weapons will be a great match for you.

Note: All of these weapons are in Dogtown and are only available if you have the Phantom Liberty DLC.

cyberpunk xmod2 weapons dogtown map
All of these weapons are hidden around Dogtown

Let’s start off with our favorite weapon. It is one of the more unique ones to acquire because you can only get it at a certain time of day. First off, head to the Terra Cognita fast-travel location in the south of Dogtown. Now make sure you wait until 4 AM, then walk a short distance north until you find the Wild Blue building.

If you’ve come at the right time (between 4 AM and 5 AM), a door should’ve appeared leading inside. You can tell where the door is because there is a large electrical cable leading into it (1). Follow the cable (don’t let it shock you) and it will lead you to a small cubby – the Umbra x-MOD2 is sitting on the bed (2).

This unique melee weapon is also right next to the Terra Cognita, fast-travel location. When you’re there, look for the massive statue of a spaceship taking off (you can actually see the statue on your mini map, too).

At the statue’s base there is some yellow scaffolding, walk past it and take a left. This path leads you down a small ravine, that has concrete support beams and a small stream running down it (1). At the end is a gory scene where you will find the Cut-o-Matic x-MOD2 embedded into someone’s head (2).

This weapon can be a struggle to obtain if you’re lacking the required Body attribute stats. You will want to go the fast-travel point, Kress Street, then cross the street to the south. You should see a large stair set leading up to some shack houses. At the very top, there is a small shack that can be opened if you have 20 Body attribute level.

The nice thing, though, is that you can actually cheese this by grabbing the gun through the window. Around the corner to the right of the door is a barred window above some barrels. Meticulously shoot out ALL glass between the bars on the window (but be careful not to shoot the gun off the table inside), then stand on the barrels; you should be able to grab the Guillotine x-MOD2 off the table.

This iconic gun is actually right next to where you find the Guillotine x-MOD2, but in case you’re not there, fast travel to the Kress Street marker. From the marker, you can actually see a giant crane that forms a kind of sky bridge. However, before you go and cross it, make sure you wait until it is 4 AM.

At the top of the crane, you have to jump onto a cement slab that’s part of the dilapidated building, then head left. You’ll see a bunch of trash piled up, walk past the trash, and you’ll see some more piles of trash next to wall that says ‘Where’s Johnney?‘ (1). There’s a door on this corner that will be open if you came at the right time (between 4 AM and 5 AM). Inside there is a party happening, in the back corner of the room is the Pozhar x-MOD2 (2).

This is likely the easiest iconic x-MOD2 weapon to obatin. Fast travel to the Golden Pacific point; it’s right in the middle of Dogtown. Then cross the street and look for a big circular pool that’s below the street, but right on the corner.

If you jump in and swim all the way down, you’ll find the Kyubi x-MOD2 below a poor fellow that has been tied to a cement block.

cyberpunk xmod2 weapons kyubi xmod2

This is likely the hardest one to explain how to get to, but it is in an easy spot to find. Head up to the giant pyramid in Dogtown, The Heavy Hearts Club. It’s a very short drive north from the Golden Pacific marker from the previous weapon above. When you get to the pyramid, you should be adjacent to its north facing side.

From there, you should be able to see a sky bridge connecting the pyramid to the buildings across the street. Go up the stairs where the sky bridge meets those buildings, and explore the elevated walkways on that side of the street (across from the pyramid). At the end of the walkway will be a dead end with some NPCs and sleeping bags; behind the sleeping bags is the Baseball Bat x-MOD2.

cyberpunk xmod2 weapons baseball bat xmod2

This is the only one of the x-MOD2 iconic weapons that you will need to complete a quest to obtain. You will also need to have at least a level 10 in Body to open the door to it. The quest you need to do is a gig called “Spy in the Jungle”. If you let the spy live at the end, then she will give you the coordinates to her stash.

cyberpunk xmod2 weapons spy in the jungle gig

Her stash is up on the southern part of Dogtown, so go ahead and fast travel to the Luxor High Welness Spa marker. Head southwest from here along the road until you find the big statue of two legs in the air with a ball between them.

Next to the statue is a small building with some plants growing on top of it. On the side of the building is a metal sheet that has a yellow circle spray-painted on it. You must have a level 10 in the body attribute to move this sheet. Inside there is backpack, and inside the backpack is the Kappa x-MOD2.

Hopefully this guide helped you find all the cool iconic x-MOD2 weapons. Did you find any others that weren’t on this list? Let us know in the comments! If you’re still looking for other iconic weapons? Check out our guide that lists them all: How to Find All New Iconic Guns, and How to Find All New Iconic Melee Weapons.

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