Frontal Cortex: Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberware

The Frontal Cortex Cyberware is almost exclusively made built around enhancing quickhacks in various ways. However, there are couple of more general options for these implants.

(3 slots available)

cyberpunk 2077 frontal cortex cyberware

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If you use an Intelligence heavy build, Frontal Cortex Cyberware can boost your build greatly. If you don’t use quickhacks much or not at all, you’re probably better off saving your Cyberware Capacity for other implants.

Nearly all of the implants in this category raise your Max RAM, and many grant ways to regenerate your RAM quicker. Ex-Disk and Bioconductor help increase the effectiveness of your quickhacks.

For more general use, you can grab the Mechatronic Core to increase your damage to drones, robots, mechs and turrets, and the Self-ICE will keep you safe from enemy quickhacks. If your build involves using the Kerenzikov implant, the Kerenzikov Boost System will grant it extra bonuses, making it more effective.

  • Self-ICE: Automatically negates an enemy quickhack. Increases Max RAM.
  • Ex-Disk: Increases Max RAM. Increases upload speed for quickhacks.
  • RAM Upgrade: Increases RAM recovery rate. Increases Max RAM.
  • Memory Boost: Restores RAM when you neutralize an enemy. Increases Max RAM.
  • Camillo RAM Manager: Instantly recovers RAM when available RAM falls to 20%. Increases Max RAM.
  • Mechatronic Core: Increases damage against drones, robots, mechs and turrets. Increases Max RAM.
  • Bioconductor: Allows your quickhacks to deal Crit Hits. Reduces Max RAM.
  • Kerenzikov Boost System: When Kerenzikov is active, reduces Stamina cost from shooting, slows time relative to your enemies.
  • Newton Module: Instantly reduces the cooldown for all cyberware after neutralizing an enemy.
  • COX-2 Cybersomatic Optimizer (Tier 5 / Iconic): Allows your quickhacks to deal Crit Hits. 100% Crit Chance with quickhacks. -8 Max RAM.
  • RAM Reallocator (Tier 5 / Iconic): Instantly recovers 23% Max RAM when available RAM falls to 20%. +2 Max RAM. 85 second cooldown.
  • Axolotl (Tier 5 / Iconic): -10.5% Cooldown instantly for all cyberware after neutralizing an enemy.

As of patch 2.0, there are no mods for any Cyberware.

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