How to Get the Techtronika Weapon Set – Cyberpunk 2077

In Cyberpunk’s new expansion, Phantom Liberty, there is a unique and powerful set of Iconic weapons that has a chance to afflict enemies with a special Burn status, which makes every shot you land on them while under the effect into a critical hit. This set of weapons is called the Techtronika Weapon Series, and they shouldn’t be very difficult to acquire if you know what you are looking for.

Note: this weapon set requires Phantom Liberty expansion to obtain.

In case you happened to miss it — there are supply airdrops located all over Dogtown. These are marked by large columns of red smoke rising into the air, but even more noticeable is the sound they make when they land.

If you ever see an airdrop, you should loot it, especially since several of these weapons come from random airdrops that fall onto hard-to-access high buildings. We will list three of the harder ones and show how to loot them. We recommend that you first upgrade your character with ‘Reinforced Tendons’ when hunting for these weapons. You can find this Legs Cyberware upgrade at ripperdocs around the city. The upgrade allows your character to take a second, higher jump, allowing for easy navigation of jumping puzzles.

cyberpunk pl iconic weapons reinforced tendons leg cyberware

If you want to trigger specific airdrops, simply fast travel to a point near one and then drive or walk past it. If it doesn’t work, then fast travel to a different location nearby and approach the building from a different direction. (This is how the game keeps airdrops from triggering at the same time, since some airdrops land on adjacent buildings.)

An airdrop won’t trigger if a different airdrop has already landed somewhere in Dogtown, which is why you should fast travel to reset them before triggering a specific one.

This is probably the first weapon most players will find in the Techtronika set. It can be found during the gig, Waiting for Dodger. This is one of the gigs that you will do for Mr. Hands in Dogtown. For the hilarious mission, you will help two NCPD officers escape a sticky situation.

cyberpunk pl iconic weapons volkadav mission on map

At one point, you will be sneaking into a room, and Charles (one of the officers) will bump a can onto the floor, alerting the enemies. In the corner of this room is an airdrop container with the Volkodav Machete.

The second weapon (and the first you might have to scale a building to get) is the Alabai shotgun. It can be acquired from any airdrop, but this airdrop is where we found it. You can activate it by approaching from the west.

This building is one of the trickier ones to scale. You will actually climb the building next to the building with airdrop first, then cross over on the broken crane catwalk connecting them. Go around the corner on the catwalk, then jump onto the building (you’ll be under the airdrop), then you will see platforms leading up to the airdrop above you. If you have Reinforced Tendons, you can just jump up the side of the building with the airdrop.

cyberpunk pl iconic weapons alabai parkour v1
Path up to Alabai Shotgun airdrop

The Taigan Power Revolver is another one that might require some building climbing. The airdrop where ti dropped for us can be triggered by approaching from the northwest of the landing site. It’s on top of a tall building, just across the street from the Heavy Hearts Pyramid.

Take the stairs up to the elevated street that runs between the buildings (the street the giant gold statue is standing on). Jump off the street onto the building’s ledge, then walk around to its other side. You will see debris, boxes, and ledges to climb up to reach the top of the building with the airdrop container.

cyberpunk pl iconic weapons taigan parkour v1
Path up to the Taigan Revolver airdrop

Next, we have the Laika Tech Revolver, which looks a lot like Comrade’s Hammer. This airdrop container that can possibly hold it is actually on a building adjacent to where we found the Alabai Shotgun. However, unlike that airdrop, you can trigger this one by approaching from the northeast.

This building is actually very easy to scale; you’ll find scaffolding along the northeast side of the building. On the other hand, this airdrop will have two enemy factions fighting over the container, so you will have to eliminate the hostiles before grabbing your prize.

cyberpunk pl iconic weapons laika location red smoke
Easy scaffolding to climb, but enemies are waiting for you

If you really want to complete your fiery weapons build, don’t forget to grab the Errata Katana. How did you implement these weapons into your build? Tell us about it in the comments!

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6 months ago

Just picked up the iconic Borzaya Power Sniper Rifle as part of this series, from an airdrop. Based on SPT32 GRAD. Fires explosive rounds.