Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberware Guide Circulatory System
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Circulatory System implants deal with Stamina and Health restoration and preservation (quite useful for melee and other close-range combat), but can occasionally include such enhancements as reducing Cyberware-related cooldowns and the Breach time increase for the Breach Protocol. There is a potential for something interesting in this section for the majority of builds.

Keep in mind that Cyberware that improves on Health and Stamina in this section — especially on higher rarity ranks — requires points in the Body Attribute. There are also a few nice treats for Tech Ability builds in this list.

(3 slots available)

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberware Implants Guide Circulatory System

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There is something in this section that can be used by the majority of builds: there are plenty of sustain abilities for Body Attribute for stamina and health, as well as the valuable Cyberware cooldown reduction for Body Attribute builds (pairs great with Circulatory, Nervous System, and non-Cyberdeck Operating System Cyberware).

For Technical Ability builds, there are ways to deal AoE damage or restore health by discharging a weapon.

Without any Intelligence Requirements needed and for a low price, Netrunner builds can pick up a Tyrosine Injector to increase Breach Protocol time by 100%. Uncommon grade and low price might look unappealign at first, but the 100% time increase is on par with highest level Skill Progression Rewards for the skill or the level 20 trait Perk, so don’t write it off just yet.

Note: all items are listed with a range of minimum to maximum values.
Beware that there is a significant value variation due to rarity. Starting and highest rarity rank is likewise listed as a range in parenthesis. Most of the cyberware comes across all rarity ranks. We will not be listing intermediary values to keep things clean.

  • Bioplastic Blood Vessels (Common – Legendary): Health regeneration outside combat +1% – +50% per second. Body requirement: 6 – 14.
  • Syn-Lungs (Common – Legendary): Stamina regeneration +5% – +25%. Body requirement: 8 – 16.
  • BioConductor (Rare – Legendary): Cyberware cooldowns -10% – -30%. Body requirement: 12 – 18.
  • Second Heart (Legendary only): Revives you if your health is fully depleted, completely restoring the meter. Cooldown of 2 minutes. Body requirement: 16.
  • Blood Pump (Common – Legendary): Activate to instantly restore 50% – 90% health. Cooldown 180 – 30 seconds. Body requirement: 0 – 16.
  • BioMonitor (Common – Legendary): Restores 30% – 100% health when total drops below 15%. Cooldown 240 – 120 seconds. Body requirement: 0 – 18.
  • MicroGenerator (Common – Legendary): Releases an EMP blast damaging nearby enemies by a value equal to 20% – 50% of their max health when your health drops below 15%. Epic – Legendary: Enemies are also shocked. Technical Ability requirement: 0 – 16.
  • Adrenaline Booster (Common – Legendary): Defeating an enemy restores 10% – 50% of stamina. Body requirement: 0 – 18.
  • Feedback Circuit (Rare – Legendary): Discharging a fully charged weapon restores 3% – 10% of health. Technical Ability requirement: 10 -15.
  • Tyrosine Injector (Uncommon only): Increases Breach Protocol mini-game duration by 100%.

There are no mods available for Circulatory System Cyberware.

Where to find? You will find the majority of Circulatory System Cyberware in the collection of Buck (Kabuki, Watson) and Octavio (Rancho Coronado, Santo Domingo) or the unnamed Wellsprings Ripperdoc (Wellsprings, Heywood).

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