Circulatory System: Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberware

Circulatory System implants deal with Stamina and Health restoration and preservation (quite useful for melee and other close-range combat), and can even function as your Health Item. There is a potential for something interesting in this section for the majority of builds. There are also a few nice treats for Tech Ability builds in this list.

(3 slots available)

cyberpunk 2077 circulatory sytem cyberware

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There is something in this section that can be used by the majority of builds: there are plenty of sustain abilities that everyone can take advantage of. You can even use the Blood Pump implant to work as your Health Item, or have Second Heart to give you a second chance in case you die.

For users of Tech weapons, you can get extra healing from hitting with a fully charged shot.

Melee weapon users can get some benefits from these too. The Adrenaline Booster gives you Stamina when neutralizing an enemy with a melee weapon, and the Microrotors increase melee attack speed.

  • Second Heart: Grants 100% Health when your Health reaches 0.
  • Blood Pump: Functions as a powerful Health Item. Instantly restores Health, then regenerates additional Health per second for 6 sec.
  • BioMonitor: Automatically heals you with your equipped Health Item when your Health drops below 35%. Increases Health Item effectiveness.
  • Adrenaline Booster: Restores Stamina whenever you use a melee weapon to neutralize an enemy.
  • Feedback Circuit: Restores Health when you hit an enemy with a fully charged Tech weapon shot.
  • Microrotors: Increased melee attack speed (Melee attack speed cannot exceed 2 attacks per second.)
  • Threatevac: Increased movement speed when your Health drops to 25%. The more your Health drops, the more movement speed increases.
  • Clutch Padding: Reduced Stamina cost for shooting.
  • Heal-On-Kill: Restores Health when you neutralize an enemy.
  • Black Mamba: Against Poisoned enemies, reduces Poison damage, but increases all other damage.
  • Electromag Recycler (Tier 5 / Iconic): +4% Health and Stamina when you hit an enemy with a fully charged Tech weapon shot.
  • Isometric Stabilizer (Tier 5 / Iconic): -18% Stamina cost for all attacks.

As of patch 2.0, there are no mods for any Cyberwares.

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