Cyberpunk 2077: Cover Art and Price Leak For the Ultimate Edition

There have been a lot of rumblings online that an Ultimate Edition of Cyberpunk 2077, combining the original game and the recent Phantom Liberty expansion, would be releasing shortly — and if this leak of the Xbox and PlayStation cover art (source: u/_Snoopytech on Reddit) is legitimate, then those rumors could very well be true.

There’s even some extra information about the release we can gleam from the covers, but even the art itself looks pretty stellar, in our opinion. It isn’t too busy, and it hits all the right notes; viewers get a nice two-tone aesthetic: the bold yellow from the base game, and the edgy black / red from the Phantom Liberty expansion.

It also gives an enjoyable view and vibe for the major characters in the game. Per usual, the developers went with their canon female V in the center, and Johnny is looking as charismatic and cool as always. On the darker side of the cover, we have Songbird and Solomon Reed giving more moody profiles (which is perfect for the tone of the DLC).

But, there is something we can spy beyond the art: if you look at the text, you’ll notice that something is different between the two versions. The Xbox version comes with the physical copy inside, while the PlayStation buyers will receive a code for downloading the expansion. Also worth noting, even though it’s not in the leaked art, is that the price for the upcoming Ultimate Addition is currently known to be $59.99, per the leaker of the cover on Reddit.

It’s likely that CD Projekt Red picked an excellent time to release an Ultimate Edition — Phantom Liberty has just won “Best Game Expansion” during the Golden Joystick Awards (read our article, Baldur’s Gate 3 Steals the Show… to see the full list of awardees). And, what’s more, Phantom Liberty has been nominated for several awards at this year’s upcoming Game Awards as well.

Frankly, we had a blast playing this expansion, and we think an ultimate edition is a good way for newcomers to pick up the game in its entirety. What do you think? Do you like the cover art? Are you going to grab it when it releases? Tell us in the comments!

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