Beat On the Brat Kabuki: How to Beat the Twins – Cyberpunk 2077

Once you’ve gotten the Beat On the Brat quest from Coach Fred, the first fight you’re meant to take is the Twins in the Kabuki section of Watson. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get there, and we’ll also show you the easy and the hard way to take down the Twins.

They can be found on a rooftop in Kabuki, but it isn’t easy to figure out just how to get up to them — if you’re following the dotted yellow quest line, you might find it leads you to a wall with no apparent way to continue. Find the orange staircase to the left of the food vendor and head up. At the top of the stairs, turn 180 degrees around and climb the ladder. Head straight off the ladder and climb the AC unit and hop up the ledge. Then, you can head to your right to find the Twins.

Once you make your way up, you’ll have a brief conversation where you can learn about the Twins, and then choose to fight them for 500 eddies, or raise the stakes and fight them for 2000 (you can also decline the fight, but that’s not why we’re here!).

The key way to fight the Twins is to not let them make it a two-on-one fight. Every time they are both near you at once, run away to the opposite side of the arena. The best corners to fight in are the corner you first enter the arena from (with the staircase), and the corner opposite the corner with the stairs.

Keep your block up most of the time, as you still regenerate stamina fairly quickly while blocking. Once one of the Twins has finished attacking, hit them with three regular attacks or one strong attack, then start blocking again and check to see if you’re being double teamed yet. If you are, block the incoming Twin and then run to the opposite corner. Otherwise, wait for the Twin you’re near to attack you again, block their attack, and strike again.

Be calm and patient. If you’re low on stamina, make distance between you and your opponents and let it recover; you’ll only ever be in danger if you get low on stamina and can no longer block. You’ll generally want to be blocking this whole fight if you aren’t sprinting away or attacking right after blocking a combo.

beat on the brat kabuki how to beat the twins cyberpunk 2077
Just look at these gonks… Surely you can take them if you focus and follow the guide

If you’re confident in your counter-punching, it can be an effective tool in this fight. The Twins have pretty obvious wind-up animations for their attacks, so you can usually land a counter-blow by simply backing off, and letting them charge at you.

You can also forgo defense in favor of a good offense: because of the Twins propensity for running in at you and then throwing a fairly slow attack, you can usually charge up a heavy attack and throw it right when the attacking Twin moves into range. This should knock them down, and give you time to prepare for the other Twin’s attack.

That should about cover it! Let us know in the comments if you have any questions, or if there are other quests you’d like to see a walkthrough on.

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7 months ago

This must be one of the most frustrating annoying fights of the game… Especially as they easily punch through your blocking stance and knock you out with a single hit (on hardcore mode). Know that you can use your sandevistan for a 25 sec (depending on the quality) slow-mo to get a few extra punches in. Just block and dodge as long as possible and activate it again.