Hands: Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberware

Depending on what types of weapons you use, the choice here could be as simple as Power Weapons vs. Smart Weapons.

These implants can either obtain the Smart Link base functionality in Smart weapons, or enhance the ricochet effectiveness of Power weapons. If you are more into Tech weapons, however, you can opt to use an implant that enhance thrown weapons, reduce weapon recoil, or give your next shot an electroshock after reloading.

If you invest in the Ambidextrous Perk, you can increase your flexibility by unlocking a 2nd Hand slot.

(1 slot available, 2 with the Ambidextrous Perk)

cyberpunk 2077 hands cyberware

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Smart Link makes most sense if you plan on using at least one Smart Weapon in combat frequently (or the Projectile Launch System Arms Cyberware). If you are still deciding, just head to Wakako after the whole “Playing For Time” quest mess is over to collect your reward for “The Rescue” you did with Jackie and take on “The Gig”.

As a reward for that quest you will be able to pick up a tattoo from Cassius Ryder at Northside, Watson. This tattoo will replicate the Rare-rank effect of Smart Link, and you will be able to test Smart guns out before commiting to Epic and Legendary versions of Smart Link. Of course, if you do like using Smart Weapons, the increased chance to hit and increased Crit Damage are a great reason to use the Smart Link implant over the tattoo.

Ballistic Coprocessor, on the other hand, is what you want if you frequently use Power weapons. Not only does it increase the ricochet damage from them, but it even grants a preview of the ricochet trajectory.

Even if you use neither of these weapons, however, there could still be something useful. Less recoil on weapons is a pretty universal benefit, and who wouldn’t like occasionally firing off an electricshock to damage a group of enemies? With a fairly low Cyberware Capacity cost, you might as well pick up a Hands Cyberware if you have the Eddies.

  • Ballistic Coprocessor:
    • Increased ricochet chance with Power weapons.
    • Increased ricochet damage.
    • Links the user’s weapon and optics, offering real-time data-tracking of the weapon’s status and a preview of ricochet trajectory.
  • Smart Link:
    • Enables you to use the auto-targeting system in Smart Weapons, greatly increasing their efficiency. (The Tyger Claws Dermal Imprint tattoo you get as a reward for “The Gig” has the same effects.)
    • Increased target lock duration.
    • Increased Crit Damage with Smart weapons.
    • Directly links the user’s optical implant to the weapon’s system, offering real-time weapon info.
    • Increased Max RAM.
  • Microgenerator:
    • Reloading an empty weapon causes the next shot to release an electroshock to enemies near the point of impact.
      • Electroshock damage increases with the number of bullets reloaded (max. 5 bullets).
  • Shock Absorber:
    • Reduces recoil.
  • Handle Wrap:
    • When equipping or throwing a throwable weapon:
      • increased Crit Chance with throwable weapons for 6 sec.
  • Immovable Force (Tier 5 / Iconic):
    • -30% recoil
    • -25% bullet spread
    • Automatically activates effects for ranged weapons that otherwise only occur when behind cover.

As of patch 2.0, there are no mods for any Cyberware.

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