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Hand Cyberware is a little straightforward: one slot, Power Weapons vs. Smart Weapons.

No Attribute points required. Well, it’s more of a “do you use Smart Weapons more often?” kind of a choice, since there is another way of obtaining Smart Link’s base functionality. We will discuss this below.

(1 slot available)

Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberware Implants Guide Hands

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There is not much for you under this section is you use Melee or Tech Weapons. However, if you do ocassionally pull out a good old Shotgun, why not blast its bullets around corners? Of course, you would probably still want to install the Trajectory Generator mod for your Kiroshi Optics to see the precise trajectory. On the other hand, if you want to play around with Skippy, Smart Link is an important addition for it and other Smart Weapons.

Ballistic Coprocessor is required for Trajectory Generator Ocular System mod, but in combination they do well by Power Weapon users — allowing for up to three ricochets for a 180-degree reach behind any kind of covers. If you like this kind of a gameplay with ranged weapons, these two are a great way for you to go.

Smart Link makes most sense if you plan on using at least one Smart Weapon in combat frequently (or the Projectile Launch System Arms Cyberware). If you are still deciding, just head to Wakako after the whole “Playing For Time” quest mess is over to collect your reward for “The Rescue” you did with Jackie and take on “The Gig”.

As a reward for that quest you will be able to pick up a tattoo from Cassius Ryder at Northside, Watson. This tattoo will replicate the Rare-rank effect of Smart Link, and you will be able to test Smart guns out before commiting to Epic and Legendary versions of Smart Link. Of course, if you do like using Smart Weapons, the increased chance to hit and increased Crit Damage are a great reason to use the Smart Link implant over the tattoo.

  • Ballistic Coprocessor (Rare – Legendary):
    • Rare: Greatly increases ricochet potential when using Power Weapons.
    • Epic: Bullets ricochet 1 additional time.
    • Legendary: Bullets ricochet 2 additional times (total).
  • Smart Link (Rare – Legendary):
    • Rare: Enables you to use the auto-targeting system in Smart Weapons, greatly increasing their efficiency. (The Tyger Claws Dermal Imprint tattoo you get as a reward for “The Gig” has the same effects.)
    • Epic: Chance for Smart bullets to home in on the target +10%; Crit Damage +15%.
    • Legendary: Chance for Smart bullets to home in on the target +15%; Crit Damage +25%.

There are no mods available for Hands Cyberware.

You can find the Smart Link Cyberware and Rare-Epic rank Ballistic Coprocessor at Viktor’s Clinic at Little China, Watson. Legendary Ballistic Coprocessor is at Instant Implants, which you can find in Kabuki, Watson.

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