Cyberpunk 2077 Gangs

As governments and societal institutions collapsed in the world of Cyberpunk 2077, gangs filled in the void to provide a welcoming community to those forsaken by the modern society. As a mercenary trying to climb the ranks of the Afterlife, V will be intimately involved with gangs and their activities. V might be hired on by the gangs or get a chance to assist some of their members, but never invited to join — after all, all gangs depend on their members being exclusively loyal to them in order to continue standing against the chaos.

The Cyberpunk 2077 gangs are:

  • Animals
  • Aldecaldos
  • Maelstrom
  • The Mox
  • 6th Street Gang
  • Tyger Claws
  • Valentinos
  • Voodoo Boys
  • Wraiths
  • Scavengers
Cyberpunk 2077 Gangs Guide Gangs In Night City

Warning: This guide is based on the in-progress information available before the official release of the game. The guide will be updated as more information becomes available.

Each of the gangs in the Night City is quite unique in style, income sources, values, and pursuits. Some control specific venues and areas, while others have spread over multiple districts.

But why bother knowing about these guys and what they do? Well, gangs in Cyberpunk 2077 make up very powerful factions that exert control over the Night City districts and can assist or meddle with your business, with some gangs having shared interests in the main quest you will be pursuing. And, as you already know, nothing in Cyberpunk 2077 comes without consequences.

You will have to choose to help some gangs over others, make certain impressions upon their members, or even ally with some of the factions in pursuit of shared goals. Did you just encounter one of their members on their turf and would like to understand who these guys are? Are you about to make an important decision and would like to know all their is? If you know what these gangs are, what their goals are, and how much they can be trusted you can make more informed decisions towards the outcomes you would want.

So, tune in as we discuss each gang in the Night City and what they are all about!

The biggest troublemakers in the Night City are probably the entirety of the Scavengers and those Maelstrom members that have gone too deep into the cyberpsychosis from the excessive number of cybernetic implants. Their operations are highly likely to reach you one way or another. Jackie will have a lot to tell you about the complex Valentinos and their brash rivals, the 6th Street gang. Moxes and Voodoo Boys make the peaceful end of the spectrum, unless you try to challenge the talented netrunners of the latter inside Cyberspace.

We know about meeting with Animals in The Grand Imperial Mall in Pacifica and encountering Maelstrom as we try to recover high-grade military tech for Dexter DeShawn. We will pay Moxes a visit at Lizzie’s Bar when meeting with Jackie or learning Braindance with the help of Judy. That’s where we will meet Evelyn. Voodoo Boys have a deep involvement with the Net, the Blackwall, and the fight over the control of the free A.I.s and the future of the Cyberspace.

Cyberpunk 2077 Gangs Guide Overview Of Gangs
  • Controlled Territory: Everywhere as bouncers and bodyguards. Active in the south of Pacifica District.
  • Threat Level: High
  • Animals focus on body enhancements and training that increase their martial ability. Recently present in Pacifica in pursuit of a mysterious goal.
  • They tend to be Strong against Chemical damage, but Weak against Thermal, Electrical, and Hacking damage.
Cyberpunk 2077 Gangs Guide Animals

Pacifica’s situation with the Animals is a bit mysterious. The Grand Imperial Mall was one of the last developments in Pacifica to lose its funding. Until recently it stood vacant, but recently the Animals began to occupy the building.

The Animals are not your normal gang. They value might above all else and wear melee combat implants to raise their prowess in combat. A street term to describe this obsession is “bone-brain buffaloes on steroids.”

As sought-after bouncers they are usually dispersed around town, cornering the market in illegal substances, so their recent presence in Pacifica is suspicious. When they converge in one spot it’s for something big, perhaps to appoint the fastest and strongest among them as their ad hoc leader. As V will learn upon exploring the area, the woman named Sasquatch is the one who was chosen to overlook this secret operation.

Members of the Animals excel at close ranged combat, using their strength and size to overtake you.

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  • Controlled Territory: Currently present in the Badlands, usually operate their caravans in the Free States of the West Coast.
  • Threat Level: Unknown (Estimated Medium)
  • Aldecaldos are a gang with a long history tracing back to the Collapse. They stick to travelling through the desert in scattered groups to deliver their passangers and merchandise all across the West Coast.
  • Members of the Aldecaldos are capable of dealing Thermal damage. They tend to be Weak against Chemical and Hacking damage.
Cyberpunk 2077 Gangs Guide Aldecaldos

Aldecados are one of the more known Nomads on the West Coast, tracing their roots to Los Angeles from the time of the Collapse of the Old United States and the group’s exile to Mexico City. Transporting people and goods in well-guarded caravans, Aldecaldos spend their free time in temporarily erected camps across the boundless desert.

You can learn more about the gang in our Aldecaldos: Cyberpunk 2077 Gang guide!

  • Controlled Territory: Watson District: Northside Industrial District, northern Kabuki.
  • Threat Level: Extreme
  • One of the most dangerous gangs due to the prevalent mental disorders caused by their extreme use of cyberware implants.
  • Members of the Maelstrom are capable of dealing Electrical and Hacking damage. They tend to be Strong against Chemical damage, but Weak against Electrical damage.
Cyberpunk 2077 Gangs Guide Maelstrom

Maelstrom have settled in the abandoned sectors of the Northside Industrial District in Watson. The extensive and often illegal body modifications that signify the gang are the expression of their deep fascination with cybertech and their distaste of “weak flesh”.

Of course, the heavy augmentation also means that many of the gang’s members run a very high risk or have already developed the condition known as the cyberpsychosis, destroying their capacity to moral judgement. It does not seem like Maelstromers are really bothered by these mental disorders going out of control. In fact, they seem to enjoy the emerging bits of insanity: a lot of their victims are found dismembered, skinned alive, or drowned in wet concrete. They have definitely earned their status as one of the most dangerous gangs in Night City.

Learn more about the Maelstrom in our Maelstrom: Cyberpunk 2077 Gang guide!

  • Controlled Territory: Lizzie’s Bar and Kabuki, Watson.
  • Threat Level: Low
  • The Mox are a mostly non-confrontational gang focused on protecting sex workers and sexual minorities under threat, keeping their operations close to Lizzie’s Bar.
  • Members of The Mox tend to be Weak against Chemical damage.
Cyberpunk 2077 Gangs Guide The Mox

Moxes are the least territorial gang, sticking to small numbers and consisting mostly of sex workers, anarchists, punks, and sexual minorities. The Mox formed in self-defense during the ritos following the death of Elizabeth “Lizzie” Borden, an owner of a strip club and a former prostitute known for treating her workers well and defending them against aggressive clientele. Lizzie never hesitated to brutally revenge rape and murder of her girls, but this is what ultimately caused her death at the hands of Tyger Claws.

What followed were massive riots across the entirety of the Night City, with Tyger Claws as the main targets of the violence. Afterwards, Lizzie became the symbol of defiance against gang brutality, and her successors rebuilt the destroyed bar and named it after her. They created a community for all those who sex workers and sexual minorities who felt threatened and oppressed, which is how the Moxes got started.

The Mox operate mainly within Lizzie’s Bar and smaller brothels. When left alone they do not seek confrontation with any gangs aside from their continued tense relationship with Tyger Claws.

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  • Controlled Territory: Mainly in Santo Domingo. Additional territories in Charter Hill, Westbrook and the Glen, Heywood.
  • Threat Level: Medium
  • Found as old-fashioned American patriots, the 6th Street Gang have forgotten their goal of serving those in need and now selfishly abuse their power.
  • Members of 6th Street tend to be Weak against Chemical damage, and Very Weak against Hacking.
Cyberpunk 2077 Gangs Guide 6th Street Gang

Even amidst the iron grip of corporations, the 6th Street Gang found its home in Santo Domingo. Born out of desperate living conditions of its residents and a deep desire for safety, a group of 4th Corporate War veterans formed to protect and serve the community of Vista del Rey.

Unfortunately, the initial goal of filling in the role of dysfunctional Night City Police Department for the local citizens didn’t last long. Today the 6th Street Gang’s interpretation of the law and the concept of “bringing justice to the city” became questionable and self-serving.

You can learn more about them in our 6th Street: Cyberpunk 2077 Gang guide!

  • Controlled Territory: Westbrook: Japantown, Charter Hill. Also Little China in Kabuki, Watson.
  • Threat Level: Medium to High
  • While Claws center themselves on the values of diplomacy and tradition, the growing size of lower-ranking members who undermine gang’s core ideologies has gone out of hand.
  • Members of Tyger Claws are capable of dealing Electric and Hacking damage. They tend to be Strong against Chemical and Electrical damage, but Weak against Thermal damage.
Cyberpunk 2077 Gangs Guide Tyger Claws

A highly territorial gang, Tyger Claws always look for the ways to annex businesses that belong to their rivals. Their approach to business resembles that of Japanese yakuza, with the approach of honor over violence. While they are protective even of their lowest-ranking members, many of them are sadistic and brutal.

Many of these common members undermine the gang’s ideologies by picking fights on the streets, hassling outsiders, and resorting to abductions, torture, sexual assault, and even cruel and violent murder. And yet, confronting even this kind of a dishonorable behavior will still incur punishment from higher-ranking Tyger Claw members.

Tyger Claws control both the Little China and Kabuki in Watson. In addition to Kabuki’s bustling trade, Tyger Claws control a significant portion of Night City’s Japantown, with its bars, restaurants, braindance clubs, brothels, and casinos, and thus a big portion of its lucrative income.

You can learn more about them in our Tyger Claws: Cyberpunk 2077 Gang guide!

  • Controlled Territory: Heywood: the Glen, Wellsprings, and Vista del Rey.
  • Threat Level: Medium to High
  • One of the largest gangs in the Night City, Valentinos unite under shared customs and extreme loyalty, making them almost impossible to infiltrate from the outside.
  • Members of the Valentinos are capable of dealing Thermal and Chemical damage. They tend to be Strong against Thermal, but Weak against Electrical and Hacking damage.
Cyberpunk 2077 Gangs Guide Valentinos

Valentinos are highly possessive of their turf in Heywood, operating vast impoverished segments of Latino barrios. They represent and celebrate traditions of Mexican culture and will proudly display religious motifs on their gang tattoos and with gold jewelry. You will see a lot of color in their clothing and a lot of silver and gold in their guns and cyberware, making their style very recognizable.

Jackie will be the one to share his history with Valentinos with you, while others will warn you against their gruesome punishments but still do so with a tone of respect. After all, almost no police or corporate can infiltrate Valentinos due to their strict sense of loyalty. In return, Valentinos keep their neighborhoods safe, keeping many legitimate businesses within: restaurants, auto shops, local construction sites, and night clubs.

However, Valentinos are masters of crime in their own right, and any of these locations can easily be used towards their less legal sources of income. Valentinos know how to manipulate money and turn over stolen cars. Of course, they do a little bit of everything — robbery, hit jobs, illegal modifications, you name it — as long as it doesn’t go beyond the lines of their code of honor.

You can read more about Valentinos in our Valentinos: Cyberpunk 2077 Gang guide!

  • Controlled Territory: Pacifica‘s Coastview, some parts of the Net.
  • Threat Level: Low (Extreme in Cyberspace)
  • Secretive gang made up of exceptionally talented netrunners eager to conquer and control the Net.
  • Members of Voodoo Boys tend to be Very Strong against Hacking damage and Strong against Chemical and Electrical damage, but weak against Thermal damage.
Cyberpunk 2077 Gangs Guide Voodoo Boys

Voodoo Boys are currently in conflict with the Animals in Pacifica. Still, they have something to bring to the table to confront their rivals’ brute power.

These guys are unmatched when it comes to using the Net. This techno-mystical group of Netrunners has close ties to the local Haitian community, a relationship developed due to their shared history. Hatians settled in Pacifica in 2060s, after a natural disaster struck their island and forced them to emigrate en mass – that was around the same time when the Voodoo Boys gang began to form and rise to power. Voodoo Boys took it upon themselves to protect the community forsaken by the government and the NCPD.

Starting small, the gang now effectively rules Pacifica. The Voodoo Boys usually don’t work with outsiders, but V will get a chance to meet Placide and Brigitte and earn their trust. How? Well, V needs to be willing to confront the Voodoo Boys rivals, now occupying the Grand Imperial Mall to work on an unknown and potentially dangerous goal.

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  • Controlled Territory: Badlands
  • Threat Level: High
  • Breaking all custom and law of the Badlands, Wraiths prey on all small groups of Nomads and corporate transport alike and make for a highly aggressive opponent.

Members of Wraiths are capable of dealing Chemical damage. They tend to be Very Strong against Chemical damage, but Weak against Thermal damage and Hacking.

Cyberpunk 2077 Gangs Guide Wraiths

Wraiths break with the more accepted behavior of the Nomads, ignoring the law and operating in an aggressive manner. Settled in the outskirts of the Night City, they raid small villages and go after smaller groups of Nomads and corporate transports.

Nobody is sure where Wraiths have originated, although they most likely share the same exiled history as many other Nomad groups, like Aldecados, who are currently in hot conflict with Wraiths. It’s quite possible that they are a subset of Raffen Shiv, a faction of criminals and outcasts scattered across the Badlands.

Read more about Wraiths in our Wraiths: Cyberpunk 2077 Gang guide!

  • Controlled Territory: Everywhere. Concentrated in the north of Pacifica District and the south of Wellsprings, Heywood District.
  • Threat Level: Medium
  • Scavengers don’t carry traditions or ties. All they care about are themselves and the massive profit they make by harvesting cyberware and human organs.
  • Members of Scavengers are capable of dealing Chemical and Hacking damage. They tend to be Strong against Chemical damage, but Weak against Electrical, and Very Weak against Thermal damage and Hacking.
Cyberpunk 2077 Gangs Guide Scavengers

If there is a common lowlife enemy to all citizens and gangs alike, it is Scavengers. The only people they serve are the customers for the human organs and cyberware implants they harvest without any regard for human life. Because they aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, Scavengers became the main supplier of low-end illegal cyberware, and a common choice for small heists and hitjobs.

Despite their lack of organization Scavs shouldn’t be disregarded, at least for their numbers and the capacity to cause trouble: you are likely to frequently encounter them in Night City.

You can learn more about Scavengers in our Scavengers: Cyberpunk 2077 Gang guide!

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Gangs in cyberpunk 2077 are one of the most exciting features in the game and my personal favorite is Voodoo Boys. I would love to be a part of them and complete and mission together with they are helping me out or may be I am helping them to complete a mission.

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