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Ocular System is a bit of a special case. As soon as Viktor installs your first Kiroshi into your eyes you are set with an optic zoom function and bounty system information. You can’t really equip equivalents of scopes into your eyes to improve your zoom, so you are struck with the same functionality even if you upgrade your Kiroshi to the Rare or Epic version.

However, Kiroshi Optics Mk.2 (Rare) will come with an extra mod slot, and Kiroshi Optics Mk.3 (Epic) will add one more. You always have at least one mod slot to play around with, and that’s how you can improve your Ocular System Cyberware.

(1 slot available)

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Ocular System Cyberware has no Attribute requirements. You can acquire the best version of Kiroshi Optics as soon as you save up €$26,000 (€$21,000 to pay off your debt to Viktor and €$5000 to buy Kiroshi Optics Mk.3). You can buy all of the available mods at the same place — Viktor’s Clinic. In other words, this type of Cyberware is probably among the simplest to upgrade and acquire.

But is it worth it? It’s certainly a good investment for players going for a non-lethal playthrough of the game, or for perfect completion of missions that ask for no casualties. Grenade trajectory will be of mild to medium assistance to the frequent users of grenades.
If you already outfitted yourself with the Ballistic Coprocessor (Hands) for your Power Weapons, the Trajectory Generator mod will be an important finishing touch. However, if you are not interested in using Power guns and their close-range manual operation, there isn’t much point in these accessories.

Finally, Crit Chance and Headshot damage will add to the overall damage for your build and are a fair addition if you are not interested in any of the other mods. The Headshot damage mod, Trajectory Analysis, is the more powerful of the two and you might just want to equip that one alone. In this case you certainly do not need to worry about acquiring the highest rarity of Kiroshi.

Ocular System Mods offer these improvements:

  • Make all weapons non-lethal at the cost of headshot damage.
  • Show trajectory and explosion area of grenades, show ricochet trajectory for Power Weapons.
  • Enemies that detect you are highlighted.
  • Increase headshot damage, Crit Chance.

Ocular Cyberware intends you to equip mods! There are six mods available for installation, but you will only ever be able to equip 3 at the same time, so choose wisely.

Community Note: some players have been experiencing issues removing mods, and Ocular System Cyberware is definitely a case where you can equip a mod you do not want, like the Target Analysis which removes Headshot Damage multiplier.
You can’t remove a mod from your Kiroshi Optics, but you can replace it with another one by swapping them inside of your inventory.

  • Target Analysis (Rare): All weapons become non-lethal. Headshots do not deal additional damage. Smart weapons primarily target limbs.
  • Explosive Analysis (Uncommon): Grenade trajectory and area of effect are visible.
  • Threat Detector (Rare): Enemies that detect you are automatically highlighted.
  • Trajectory Analysis (Legendary): Bonus damage from headshots +50%.
  • Weakspot Detection (Uncommon): Crit Chance +5%.
  • Trajectory Generator (Uncommon): Ricochet trajectory is visible when aiming. Requires the Ballistic Coprocessor hands Cyberware.

You will get your Common Kiroshi Optics Mk.1 from Viktor in Little China, Watson at the beginning of the game. You can go to the unnamed Ripperdoc in Wellsprings, Heywood to get Kiroshi Optics Mk.2. Finally, if you pay your debt off to Viktor you can purchase Kiroshi Optics Mk.3 from him, which will be the highest rarity available in the game as of now.

You can find all of the available Ocular System mods at Viktor’s Clinic.

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