Integumentary System: Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberware

The Integumentary System offers many ways to increase your damage mitigation, making these implants useful for every build.

There is a general Armor bonus that can be acquired and stacked by any build with the varieties of Subdermal Armor, but it’s more effective early in the game.

For more stealth oriented builds, Optical Camo is an excellent choice to keep yourself hidden from enemies, as its active effect reduces your visibility to enemies for a short amount of time.

(3 slots available)

cyberpunk 2077 integumentary system cyberware

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Thankfully, with 3 slots available, there is something most of the builds can do with this category — at least when it comes to damage mitigation. Body and Cool builds will benefit from this category the most.

Subdermal Armor’s flat Armor increase can be useful for any build. It can be very helpful for increasing survivability in the early game.

The Optical Camo Cyberware is a fair addition for any Stealth builds, but feels like it is mostly outcompeted by the bonuses provided by other Integumentary Cyberware for Cool builds, unless you put a lot of effort in avoiding taking any damage altogether.

For more aggressive and close ranged builds, the Shock-N-Awe Cyberware can offer some extra damage. Every time you take damage, you have a chance to cause an electroshock around you, dealing damage to all nearby enemies.

Body Attribute should use Integumentary System to their full defensive advantage. If using a Tech build, you can invest in the Built Different Perk to take advantage of the massive armor boost that the Cellular Adapter gives.

  • Subdermal Armor: Armor – simple but effective.
  • Optical Camo: Activate to reduce visibility to enemies temporarily.
  • Pain Editor: Reduces all incoming damage.
  • Proxishield: The closer an attacking enemy is, the less damage they deal to you.
  • Countershell: Increased Mitigation Chance for 4 sec. if you lose 35% Health within 3 sec.
  • Painducer: Converts a portion of damage taken into damage-over-time.
  • Carapace: Increased Armor effectiveness when attacked from the side or rear.
  • Nano-Plating: Chance to block an incoming projectile. Increased bonus chance after performing a dodge or Dash.
  • Defenzikov: When Kerenzikov ends, increases Mitigation Chance.
  • Rangeguard: Increases Armor when there are no enemies with 6 m.
  • Cellular Adapter: Massive Armor. Requires Built Different Perk.
  • Shock-N-Awe: Whenever you take damage, you have a chance to release a large electroshock that deals damage to nearby enemies.
  • Chitin (Tier 5 / Iconic): An extremely durable subcutaneous shell made of genetically modified chitin. Provides additional Health Regen.
  • Peripheral Inverse (Tier 5 / Iconic): The closer an attacking enemy is, the less damage they deal to you. -40% incoming damage at 3 m. Damage reduction tapers off to 0% at 6 m.

As of patch 2.0, there are no mods for any Cyberwares.

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