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Cool Attribute and Body Attribute builds should look to Integumentary and Immune Systems to get their Status Effect immunities. The Integumentary System is the primary location for the Body Attribute build to acquire immunities.

There is a general Armor bonus that can be acquired and stacked by any build with the varieties of Subdermal Armor, but it’s more effective early in the game.

As of early January 2021, there is a glitched (or cut?) Optical Camo Cyberware (read the Community Note under “Where Can I Look For Integumentary System Cyberware?”), which might be re-introduced to provide a Stealth-oriented bonus.

(3 slots available)

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Thankfully, with 3 slots available, there is something most of the builds can do with this category — at least when it comes to early-game Armor bonuses. Body and Cool builds will benefit from this category the most.

Subdermal Armor does not have any requirements, and can thus be acquired (and, moreover, stacked) by any build. At the Legendary rank, the bonus is 200, which is quite substantial early in the game. It can eventually be significantly outcompeted by Armadillo clothing mod.

Read the Community Note in the section below regarding the Optical Camo Cyberware. Should it function properly in the game, it’s a fair addition for any Stealth builds, but feels like it is mostly outcompeted by the bonuses provided by other Integumentary Cyberware for Cool builds, unless you put a lot of effort in avoiding taking any damage altogether.

For Cool Attribute builds, the Integumentary System finishes the “immunity-with-bonuses collection” (found in the Immune System section) with the Heat Converter. In this case, instead of being affected by Burn, your damage increases by 10%. Acquiring all of these is a great way of facing more equipped opponents that can deal a variety of Status Effects.

Body Attribute should use Integumentary System to their full defensive advantage, getting immunity against Burn, Bleed, and Shock — finishing it off with Detoxifier under Immune System for Posion immunity. Sadly, there are no equivalents to Cool’s increase of all resistances or AoE damage upon hit for Body Attribute builds.

Note: all items are listed with a range of minimum to maximum values.
Beware that there is a significant value variation due to rarity. Starting and highest rarity rank is likewise listed as a range in parenthesis. Most of the cyberware comes across all rarity ranks. We will not be listing intermediary values to keep things clean.

  • Subdermal Armor (Common – Legendary): Armor +20 – +200.
  • Fireproof Coating (Rare): Grants full immunity against Burn. Body requirement: 12.
  • Supra-Dermal Weave (Rare): Grants full immunity against Bleeding effects. Body requirement: 12.
  • Grounding Plating (Rare): Grants full immunity against Shock effects. Body requirement: 12.
  • Optical Camo (Rare – Legendary): Activate to turn almost invisible for 5 – 15 seconds, greatly reducing the likelihood of detection. Cooldown 60 seconds.
  • Heat Converter (Epic): Burn effects increase the damage you deal by 10% instead of harming you. Cool requirement: 14.

There are no mods available for Integumentary Cyberware.

Community Note: As of now, Optical Camo Cyberware seems to be missing from the game and does not function properly when force-spawned. We left it in just in case if it appears in one of the patches.

You will find the majority of Integumentary System Cyberware in the collection of Dr. Chrome, whose shop is located not far from the Kabuki Market in Watson.

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