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Another rather easy choice among Cyberware: do you use close-range Stealth a lot (as opposed to hacking networks from a distance)? If you do not, you can go ahead and give the other two jumping implants a shot, or opt to sprint faster.

If going with improving your jumping, the question is, Charged Jump vs. Double Jump — which one? Try out both. The one you have the most fun and ease using will be the right one for you.

(1 slot available)

cyberpunk 2077 legs cyberware

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Really, why wouldn’t you want it?

For a close-range Stealth build, Lynx Paws come with quieter movement and increased movement speed while crouched, which is great to have when you want to wreak havoc without ever being noticed. Of course, if you already do so by taking a position atop of a hill overlooking a camp, spreading serious damage from a target to target without ever moving a step, this might not be necessary.

And higher jumps are just fun. They work for any build. In picking between the two — super jump you have to charge vs. your standard double jump — the easiest thing is to just try them out. Plus, you will definitely want one of them anyway for easier time leveling your Shinobi Skill and completing scaling puzzles, like the Airdrops in Phantom Liberty DLC which contain valuable goodies and Iconic weapons like the Techtronika Weapon Set.

Overall, charged jumps are great for scaling walls, buildings, and terrain, but double-jumps provide the best maneuverability and speed, say, if you use them during combat. If you don’t mind spending a moment to charge up before you make your jump, you’ll lose maneuverability, but you will gain vertical distance.

Try both out. In theory, each can be debated to be better than the other, but it all comes down to how you feel using them.

  • Reinforced Tendons: Enables you to perform double jumps.
  • Fortified Ankles: Enables you to perform charged jumps.
  • Lynx Paws: You make less noise when moving. Increases crouched movement speed.
  • Jenkins’ Tendons: Increases spring speed, which decays over 5 sec. of continued sprinting. The effect recovers at the same rate when not sprinting.
  • Leeroy Ligament System (Tier 5 / Iconic): +18% movement speed.

As of patch 2.0 cyberware is no longer able to be modded.

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