Cyberpunk Update 2.1 Brings New Metro System, Boss Changes, and More Car Gameplay

Even though it feels like we just got Update 2.0 and Phantom Liberty, Cyberpunk is releasing its new Update 2.1 on December 5th. It was recently announced that CD Projekt Red would be doing a live stream highlighting some new features for the update. We actually covered that news, and one of our guesses for new content was right! The video is up in case you missed it, or you can see all information in the list below.

Here are all of the notable changes coming to Cyberpunk 2077 in Update 2.1:

  • Metro System for Night city
    • Can “Fast Travel” or “Ride the Metro”.
    • When choosing to “ride the metro”, can skip at anytime to skip through it.
    • Consists of Five Metro Lines, and19 stations.
    • Accessible to players after Konpeki Plaza mission.
    • You will receive a card, which lets you go into the metro.
    • Developers made it sound like something will happen when riding the metro.
  • Portable Radio
    • Can’t be used during dialogue or missions (like the phone).
    • Will cut off during some combat instances, when the combat music starts.
    • Volume is adjustable.
  • Boss Fight Improvements
    • Smaller boss fights have been improved.
    • Adam Smasher
      • Movement looks more like the anime show, i.e., a trailing silhouette.
      • Acts differently depending on type of player (Cyberrunner, Solo, etc.) and methods they use.
  • Replayable Car Races
    • Available after finishing the car races with Clair.
    • All four races available at any time afterward.
    • New icon on the map will show where the races are.
    • Can win a discount for purchasing more cars and motorcycles.
  • New Vehicles
    • Added five new motorcycles.
    • New Porsche convertable car added.
  • Motorcycle Gameplay
    • Can throw knives and axes while riding motorcycles.
    • Can do wheelies and flips.
  • Car Chases
    • Some chases will trigger after you’ve made some gangs hostile.
    • Streets that were easy to avoid police have been fixed.
    • Some gigs have more expanded car combat.
  • Accessibility Tab
    • New Tab in the options menu
    • Mostly new ways to customize the HUD (Heads Up Display).
    • Can enlarge fonts in the interfaces
  • Hangouts with Romantic Partners
    • No details given, players will have to discover these on their own.
  • DualSense Controller Support for PC
  • More Cats added to Night City

As they mention, the metro addition has been a long time coming. It was first announced way back in 2018 at E3, but they scrapped the public transit system till this later update. We covered this omission back when in our article, Night City: Under Construction – The Cyberpunk 2077 That Could Have Been. This, along with the romantic partner hangouts and boss fight changes, will give returning and new players some new tidbits of content.

Besides those, though, most of the other edits in this update revolve around improving game systems. The most drastic system alteration is car and motorcycle gameplay. Road gameplay has already had a major facelift since the early days – who remembers exiting a speeding car with no repercussions? – and these will help to improve one of the more notoriously weaker gameplay mechanics in Cyberpunk. More car chases, motorcycle backflips, and replayable car races will all give players ample reason to go buy those sick whips for sale.

Hopefully the next update will give us a faction system so we can battle gangs for territory, but we’re still happy with these changes. What do you think? Are the developers finally honing in on the Night City we were promised, or do they still have work to do? Let us know in the comments!

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