How to get Johnny Silverhand’s Car – Cyberpunk 2077

Johnny Silverhand, the radical rockerboy, is the co-protagonist in cyberpunk 2077 that accompanies the main character V thoroughought the story. Fans were surprised to find that Johnny’s memorabilia is available in the tail end of the story. In this guide, we’ll discuss how to get Johnny’s Rockerboy Jacket and 911 Turbo Car in the “Chippin’ In” questline.

Note: These items are exclusively available in the final act of the game.

Chipin’ In Quest

After completing the three main story quests, Automatic Love, Down the Street (after the Japantown Parade), and M’ap Tann Pelen, Johnny will take you to a hotel in Pacifica. At this point, the game gives V and Johnny the option for a proper heart-to-heart. During this time, Johnny will ask to take over your body so Rogue and Johnny can to take out Adam Smasher together. After saying yes, the “Chipin’ In” Quest will begin.

While following the quest, Rogue will ask you to get in her car to track down Adam Smasher. Before getting in, open the trunk to find a replica of Johnny’s jacket. Follow her and aid in sneaking aboard and Oil Tanker.

After defeating Grayson’s goons, the game will give you the option to spare him or end his life. To get Johnny’s Car (as well as his gun), spare him. He will give you the keys to a nearby crate. The objective will be clearly marked. After opening the container, you will get access to Johnny’s 911 Turbo. Now you can cruise in style around Night City.

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