THQ Nordic’s Digital Showcase in August Will Feature Outcast 2, Alone in the Dark

THQ Nordic has just announced their yearly digital showcase, which will air Friday, August 11th at 12pm PDT/9pm CEST. In addition to new reveals and news for previously announced titles, the showcase also promises multiple world premiere announcements.

The main showcase will be prefaced by a showcase from HandyGames, a publisher/developer in the THQ Nordic family that focuses on small and medium-sized games, mobile games, and VR titles. It seems likely that we’ll hear more about some of their upcoming titles; two that have already been announced are post-apocalyptic rougelike Lethal Honor – Order of the Apocalypse, and metroidvania style adventure game Airhead.

That’s just the appetizer, though — the main course is the main THQ Nordic Showcase. We’ll get to hear more about Alone in the Dark, the remake of the classic horror title, as well as the long-awaited sequel Outcast 2. RPG Trine 5 rounds out the list of confirmed games we’ll see in the showcase, and then there’s the world premieres we can expect.

From Gothic and Destroy All Humans to Red Faction and Darksiders, THQ Nordic have a long history of creating and publishing unique and noteworthy titles, and we’re excited to see what they have in store for us come August! You’ll be able to watch the stream on YouTube, Twitch, and Steam.

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