Should You Start a New Save for Phantom Liberty DLC? – Cyberpunk 2077

Phantom Liberty is going to be released in less than a week now, on September 26th, and you might be wondering: should I wait until then to touch the game? If I were to replay it right now, will I need to start a new save once the DLC drops?

Short answer is, no, you don’t need a new save for Phantom Liberty.

Phantom Liberty questline will unlock once you get to the part with Brigitte and Voodoo Boys, but you can also skip to the DLC content with just about any character as soon as you are out of a quest event (think The Witcher 3 expansions). It will turn into an independent questline with different resolutions based on your choices, and then unlock a new ending for you once you reach the “Point of No Return” part of the game later on. So, it slots nicely for any character you might have in your saves.

But, the full answer is, you might enjoy DLC content more if you get to know Update 2.0 features a little bit first.

cyberpunk 2077 trying out update 2.0 before phantom liberty
Ever came back to a high-level save on a game after a year? Then you know what it means to be constantly pausing to look stuff up.

Here’s why: on an endgame character, your old build will be fully reset because of the new Skill system. In other words, if you load up your endgame character on the 26th wanting to skip right into Phantom Liberty storyline, you will have 80 Perk Points to deal with first… with 188 perk nodes to invest into (your Attributes will be untouched).

Yeah… if you are looking to speed up that process, you might end up looking up guides and builds. (You should definitely check out ours!)

Granted, maybe that’s what you are looking for — putting together an endgame build on the new shiny update and giving it a run with the DLC. Good news is, all of the Perks are now easily refundable with the click of a mouse wheel. Though, note that you will probably need to take a look at your Cyberware after that as well: it will now be your only source of armor (in other words, clothes are now only cosmetic) and you will get a couple new slots and limitations to work with. Might take you a few minutes to gather yourself before you can go shoot at some goons.

On the other hand, you know by now just how cinematic Cyberpunk 2077 can be, and you bet Phantom Liberty will have a few involved sequences for you to experience, considering it’s a whole new expansion release. If you aren’t a big fan of constantly pausing the game to look up how to enter the scan mode and hack into things, how to swap weapons, how to crouch, how to use your dash power, whether this thing your gun is doing is a perk you just got or something you can disable…

You can help your immersion and either start a new game for a proper refresher, or at least run around a bit and test out your perks with a few side quests and gigs.

Update 2.0 releases tomorrow, September 21st, so devs have given you everything you need to reacquaint yourself with the game before Phantom Liberty release — if you were really itching to hop in, there is nothing stopping you! The DLC mission will be ready for you right away on the 26th, and you are sure going to be ready to dive right into the story.

What is your latest save with Cyberpunk 2077? What kind of a build are you most excited to try out with Phantom Liberty? Let us know in the comments below!

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