Cyberpunk 2077: NO_COINCIDENCE Novel Hits Shelves

The world of Cyberpunk just got a little bit bigger with the addition of a new novel set in Night City. CD PROJEKT RED announced today that Cyberpunk 2077: NO_COINCIDENCE, written by Polish author Rafał Kosik, hit both the physical and digital markets today, as well as on audiobook.

The book follows a group of “ordinary strangers” after they are forced into a criminal underworld that reaches up to the top of Night City. The sci-fi thriller promises intense set pieces, expanded worldbuilding, and the same complicated morality that defines Cyberpunk as a whole. Its author, Rafał Kosik, has been compared to Brian Aldiss, Philip K. Dick, and Stanisław Lem, and so expectations can be placed reasonably high. Listeners to the audiobook may recognize the voice actress, Cherami Leigh, who voiced the female version of Cyberpunk 2077‘s protagonist, V.

cyberpunk 2077 no coincidence excerpt
Excerpt from the first chapter.

You can order the book physically, digitally, or on audiobook now on the publisher Orbit’s website here. Or, if you need a sample before being fully convinced, you can find the first chapter available here.

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