Immune System: Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberware

Cool Attribute as it is already allows for great defense against Status Effects and a variety of Damage Types: we discuss this in our Combat Strategy Guide #1.

While the Body Attribute can grab a Posion immunity in this section, the rest of the section requires Cool of at least 8 if you plan on equipping anything above Common rarity. Integumentary Cyberware is a great way to increase defense of a Body Attribute build.

(2 slots available)

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Immune System Cyberware is a great addition to characters with a high Cool Attribute, since their advantage already lies with ability to withstand damage and Status Effects. Converting Poison, Shock, or EMP into health is a very powerful way to increase your build’s sustainability. Look for Heat Converter under Integumentary System to finish this collection.

Finally, if you have a high Cool Attribute but don’t care about defense as much, you can give yourself a chance to deal powerful AoE damage every time you are hit, helping with any close-range engagements. But, keep in mind that you only have two slots to play around with.

Body Attribute can grab Detoxifier to get full immunity against Posion, which is a great way to defend against factions like Scavengers and Wraiths. Then, Body Attribute characters with low Cool should check out Integumentary System Cyberware to complete their defense strategy.

All other builds can fill their two slots with cheap common grades of Cataresist and Shock-n-Awe that do not have any Attribute requirements. This will increase all of your character’s resistances by 8% and give you a 2% chance to strip all nearby enemies of 20% of their health every time you are hit. These cost very little but provide a useful bonus for any build.

Note: all items are listed with a range of minimum to maximum values.
Beware that there is a significant value variation due to rarity. Starting and highest rarity rank is likewise listed as a range in parenthesis. Most of the cyberware comes across all rarity ranks. We will not be listing intermediary values to keep things clean.

  • Detoxifier (Rare only): Grants full immunity against Poison effects. Body requirement: 10.
  • Metabolic Editor (Epic only): Getting poisoned restores 12% health per second instead of dealing damage. Cool requirement: 14.
  • Inductor (Epic only): Getting shocked or affected by EMP effects boosts your Armor by 50% instead of dealing damage. Cool requirement: 12.
  • Cataresist (Common – Legendary): Increases all resistances by 8% – 35%. Cool requirement: 0 – 15.
  • Shock-n-Awe (Common – Legendary): When hit, you have a 2% – 10% chance to release an electroshock blast dealing damage to nearby enemies equal to 20% of their max health. Cool requirement: 0 – 15.
  • Pain Editor (Legendary only): Reduces all incoming damage by 10%. Cool requirement: 16.

There are no mods available for Immune System Cyberware.

Where to find? You will find the majority of Immune System Cyberware in the collection of Fingers (in Japantown, Westbrook) or the unnamed Downtown Ripperdoc (in the Downtown, City Center).

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