cyberpunk 2077 perk adrenalinerush

Adrenaline Rush

Game: Cyberpunk 2077

Body Perk

Prerequisite(s): Body (15), Painkiller

  • Level 1: +35 Max Health.
  • Level 2: +20% Health Regen bonus to all Health Regen effects from all sources.
  • Level 3: Unlocks Adrenaline Rush mode.

In addition to their base effects, Blood Pump cyberware and health items now also give Adrenaline equal to 30% Max Health. (up to a max of 50% Max Health).
Adrenaline is indicated by a yellow bar and acts like extra health by absorbing damage. It also decays over time.
Adrenaline Rush remains active as long as you have Adrenaline available.

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