Leak: Baldur’s Gate 3 Xbox Series X|S Releases on December 6th

According to leaker eXtas1s, Baldur’s Gate 3’s XBox Series X|S edition is due to launch on December 6th, provided the playtests for the system go as planned for Larian. While Larian’s CEO Swen Vincke has reassured fans that the game would be coming to Xbox “this year”, this is the first word we’ve heard of any exact date. According to the leak, this date is firm, so long as playtesting goes as planned. What’s more, the rumor claimed to confirm that the Xbox and Steam versions of the game will have “seemless cross-saves,” allowing you to switch between systems and maintain the same save files.

The reason given for Xbox getting a delayed release in the first place relates to Microsoft demanding “parity” between Xbox Series S|X, expecting roughly equally playable conditions for both the weaker Series S as for the much more powerful Series X. Thankfully, it seems that Larian is finally in the finally steps of evening that out, and just in time for both Christmas and the Game Awards (happening the next day).

If the massive commercial and critical success of Baldur’s Gate 3 on PC and PlayStation is any indication, releasing the game for Xbox right then might just cinch them both the holiday market and the Game of the Year award, but we shall see. In either case, it is good to know that Larian is keeping their promise to get Baldur’s Gate 3 in the hands of Xbox gamers before the end of the year.

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