Rescue the Trapped Man – Baldur’s Gate 3 Quest

While exploring the first region of Baldur’s Gate 3, you can come across a burning inn along the Risen Road near the Waukeen’s Rest waypoint. This is the perfect opportunity to prove your heroism and pick up some loot along the way.

baldurs gate 3 trapped man quest dowry location

First, approach The Knights of the Flaming Fist and agree to help break down the door. In order to get inside you will have to pass a strength check or break down the door with manual attacks.

Soldiers will receive the Chain of Command inspiration from supporting the Flaming Fist

The stairway is located by the northern wall inside the inn. Head upstairs and you’ll see the knights trying to get into the room on the left to save the counsellor. You don’t have to worry about him to complete the quest, but you can optionally rescue him with the same steps as below. We want to focus on the room to the right, where a man is trapped under a fallen beam.

A few things can go wrong here, so I recommend saving before the next steps. To reach the trapped man, you will have to break down the door, but it will explode once you break it. The easiest way to avoid it is with ranged damage from the other side of the room. Be careful with this, the blast from the door travels a decent distance.

baldurs gate 3 trapped man quest destroy door

Once the door is down, head inside and select the beam on top of Benryn. You have to pass a Strength or Investigation check to lift the beam. When its lifted, offer to lead Benryn out of the inn.

After the conversation with Benryn, you will enter turn based mode. Your first action should be to help Benryn up and get out of the room. You can activate Dash to boost movement speed on each of your party members to quickly get them out of the room. When everybody is out of the room, feel free to exit turn based mode.

If you haven’t saved the counsellor yet, you can enter their room by breaking down the door with melee attacks, as it won’t explode. Once everybody you want to save is out of the building, its time to talk to Benryn.

Nobles will receive the Protector of the Duke inspiration for rescuing the counsellor.

Outside of the inn, speak with Benryn to discover he is missing his wife who you’ll have to look around and find. While your here, if you saved the counsellor you should talk to them for a quest and a rare weapon.

baldurs gate 3 trapped man quest entrance to miri

Miri can be found on the second floor of the building directly west of the inn. She unfortunately died during the attack, however if you have the ability to speak with the dead she can tell you the location of her sisters dowry.

Return to Benryn and deliver the bad news. He’ll be distraught and rush to Miri, where you’ll have to talk to him again.

Talk to Benryn again, choosing whichever dialogue options you prefer. Regardless, next you’ll have to locate the dowry.

If you didn’t use Speak to the Dead to find our where Miri hid the dowry, the only hint you receive is that its somewhere on the property. Fortunately, its just a short walk to a neighboring barn. From the building with Miri’s body, head inside the barn to the northwest with a hay bale inside. Search the hay bale to find the chest and the dowry within.

baldurs gate 3 trapped man quest dowry

With the dowry in hand, you can return to talk to Benryn, where you have the choice to return it to him or keep it for yourself. You do not receive an award for returning the ring to Benryn. Either way, quest complete!

With Benryn saved, you can now continue your adventures along the Risen Road. Did you decide to return the ring or keep it? Let us know in the comments below!

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