Game: Baldur's Gate 3

Paladin Subclass

You have broken your sacred Oath in pursuit of power and ambition. Only darkness remains to fuel you now.

Primary Ability: Strength
Spellcasting Ability: Charisma
HP: 10 + CON modifier base, 6 + CON modifier per level
Recommended Attributes (before Bonuses)
15 STR, 12 DEX, 13 CON
8 INT, 10 WIS, 14 CHA

A Level 1 Oathbreaker Paladin has access to the following spells, abilities, and features (in addition to their Paladin features):

  • Spiteful Suffering
  • Level 1 – Spiteful Suffering
  • Level 3 – Control Undead, Dreadful Aspect, Hellish Rebuke, Inflict Wounds
  • Level 5 – Crown of Madness, Darkness
  • Level 7 – Aura of Haste
  • Level 9 – Bestow Curse, Animate Dead

Unlike most Subclasses in Baldur’s Gate 3, Oathbreaker cannot be chosen while making your character. You will have to become an Oathbreaker later by literally breaking your Oaths. This can be accomplished with certain in game choices, such as betraying someone or killing innocents. The quickest way you can accomplish this is while aiding Lae’zel in Act I, by betraying the Tieflings. After committing one of these acts, you will meet the Oathbreaker Knight, who will ask you to visit him next time you take a Long Rest. Next time you go to camp, you can speak to him and choose to accept these powers, or pay a fee to restore your Oath.

Once you have switched, all of the Actions you learned from your chosen Subclass will be replaced by their Oathbreaker equivalent. If at any point you change your mind and want to restore your Oath, speak to the Oathbreaker Knight again in camp, and pay the fee to restore them. Note that this will cost 2000 gold.

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