Patch #5 for Baldur’s Gate 3 Will Release “This Week”, Larian Teases

In a Tweet/Post on Twitter/X, as well as on Larian Studios’ Discord server, Larian revealed that Patch #5 for Baldur’s Gate 3 is near-at-hand, and that they expect the newest Patch to release sometime “this week”. Given the size of the previous 4 Patches, this is big news — they tend to be larger than the Steam Community posts will allow, with each having changelogs several thousand words long.

We were also given a rundown of a couple of the notable changes that will be made with this upcoming patch, including “eternally active acts of theft & violence” which apparently caused slowdowns in the previous patch and “Astarion’s little kisses”. We didn’t know they were broken, but thankfully Larian provided a useful and educational gif to let us know what they now look like.

Jokes aside, this next Patch, released less than a month after Patch #4 on November 2nd, is likely to be yet another big one, proving Larian’s commitment to keeping their hit game polished and up-to-date with huge, quickly made updates. We will provide more details as soon as it goes live!

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