Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 3 Coming Tomorrow Including Appearance Change and Mac Support

Larian has updated the release date for Patch 3 to tomorrow, September 22nd, and they promise it’s a big one, including full support for the game on Mac. They have a guide available on their Steam page for Mac users to help prepare for launch.

The studio also posted on their Twitter/X account today that Patch 3 will include a Magic Mirror in your camp that will allow you to change your appearance at any time. Previously there was no way to ever change your appearance after character creation, so we’re sure this new feature will make many players very happy.

You still won’t be able to change your race or body type, and you can’t alter Origin characters, only custom ones. You will be able to change other aspects of your appearance as well as your voice and pronouns.

You can see the original tweet below. We’ll update you when Patch 3 releases tomorrow, including the full patch notes when they become available.

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