Baldur’s Gate 3 Hotfix #8 – Companion Inventories and Shaved Cats

Hotfix #8 for Baldur’s Gate 3 dropped today, with a modest amount of changes and fixes, but ones that are at least important. The second most important change/fix made with this update is that companions will no longer give you “story” items in their inventories when dismissed, which rolls back a previous, much-maligned change. In addition, there are quite a few other small fixes and tweaks, but the clear most important fix is another rollback: His Majesty, the lordly cat in the Last Light Inn, has been shaved, transforming back his rightful form as a sphinx. Naturally.

The full list for Hotfix #8 for Baldur’s Gate 3 is as follows:

Baldur’s Gate 3 Hotfix #8 Change List

  • Companions will no longer transfer story items in their inventory to the player upon dismissal, restoring Patch 2 behaviour.
  • Fixed reaction popups sometimes showing no text descriptions of the reactions available.
  • Fixed a multiplayer crash that would occur when listening to a dialogue after an active roll.
  • Eavesdrop will no longer trigger when a character is in any Character Creation session, such as level up or the magic mirror.
  • Fixed a bug in Vulkan causing DEVICE_LOST crashes.
  • Fixed a bug where Skeletons created using Animate Dead were missing their ranged weapons, despite specialising in them.
  • Fixed an issue where the Weapon Master Feat would show as incomplete if a player was already proficient with all weapons.
  • Fixed a crash when re-assigning characters in splitscreen.
  • Fixed a visual issue with volumetric fog and materials generation.
  • Fixed an issue with invalid savegames being created.
  • Restored Raphael’s hair colour and horns. The House of Hope is once again fashion-forward.
  • Fixed an issue where Splint Armour for Githyanki Females caused some unnecessarily psychedelic visual effects.
  • Shaved His Majesty, who is once again a Sphynx. Steelclaw’s eye colour has been adjusted so they are no longer identical twins.
  • Fixed Raphael’s portraits after restoring his hair colour. Maybe he’s born with it, maybe it’s Avernus.
  • Fixed Twitch drops not being claimable on PS5.

Now that Larian has fixed the faux-paw of changing His Majesty’s breed and ensured that companions don’t behave “like a toddler in a grocery story,” it is safe to say that Baldur’s Gate 3 is perfect now. Until next hotfix that is. You can see the full patch notes and a brief note from Larian here.

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