Baldur’s Gate 3 Hotfix #20 – Minthara Come Back!

Baldur’s Gate 3 put out Hotfix #20 today, making a variety of small fixes throughout the game. Most notably, Hotfix #20 ensures Minthara follows the party after being recruited, eliminates a “sneaky money” exploit, and removes a bug where characters who weren’t busy would say they were, locking you out of dialogue.

Coming a week after a similarly bug-focused Hotfix #19 and huge Patch #6, this newest Hotfix continues Larian’s unending effort to make Baldur’s Gate 3 as stable, bug-free, and generally playable as possible.

As for the full patch notes, they are as follows:

Baldur’s Gate 3 Hotfix #20 Change Log

  • Introduced a few crash safeguards to ensure that when a savegame fails to load, you’ll be sent back to the Main Menu.
  • Fixed some issues causing the second player on split screen to have a black screen for 30 seconds.
  • Fixed a bug preventing you from opening containers (like the Camp Supply Sack) while trading if you selected a different character from the one who initiated the trade. This also fixed a sneaky money exploit.
  • Fixed a bug causing the environment to never take its turn, blocking combat from progressing.
  • Fixed a bug causing you to get stuck in combat if there were still some bats remaining after you defeated Cazador.
  • Fixed an infinite loot bug that would duplicate Herdmaster Skardjall’s Scale Mail every time you removed the Whipping Cane from his body.
  • Fixed a bug causing the crime dialogue for trespassing to get spammed beside the Steel Watch Foundry.
  • Fixed some banding and shader issues in cinematics that were causing VFX artefacts on faces at certain angles.
  • Fixed Minthara sometimes not following the party in Act II or Act III.
  • Fixed a case where Halsin wouldn’t move to his position when you arrived at Last Light in Act II.
  • Fixed an issue where Minthara wouldn’t leave the party after being escorted out of Moonrise Towers.
  • Fixed an issue causing characters to tell you they were too busy to talk to you when you tried to speak to them. They were lying.
  • Fixed missing tab textures in the Trade UI.
  • Hid the filter tabs for traders when bartering with them, these will be reintroduced in a future update pending further testing.
  • Fixed a potential crash when preloading complex cinematics.

At this point, it would be more surprising if Larian Studios didn’t improve Baldur’s Gate 3 in a week. After all these Minthara updates, maybe it is finally time to give that evil playthrough a try.

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