Baldur’s Gate 3 Hotfix #10 – Shadowheart, Keep Up

Baldur’s Gate Hotfix #10 is now live, with a pretty limited (for Larian) list of fixes for some minor game bugs. This is the first Hotfix since Patch 4’s gigantic change list, and so it is good to see that the Hotfix size is shrinking even after that, indicating Baldur’s Gate 3’s stability grows each time.

As far as the Hotfix itself, the most notable fix it applies is to keep Shadowheart from getting easily separated from the party. Other fixes include aligning some dialog correctly with the subtitles, keeping the player from catching on fire during specific cutscenes, and other minor stuff. In other words: Larian Studios is now in the “iron out every little detail” stage of Hotfixes, a good sign for the game’s current state and future.

The full change list for Baldur’s Gate 3’s Hotfix #10 is as follows. Beware of minor spoilers:

  • Fixed Shadowheart not following the party.
  • Fixed the sliders for eye makeup and tattoo intensity not working on controller.
  • Fixed a potential crash relating to Vulkan. This solves the DEVICE_LOST error upon minimising the game window.
  • Fixed an issue causing a desync between Astarion’s voiced lines and subtitles.
  • Player characters will no longer be on literal fire in the scene with Vlaakith in the crèche.
  • Fixed male dwarf barbarians’ shoes, which were missing their texture and looked like big blueberries.
  • The waypoints menu now opens correctly when triggered from the Character Sheet on controller.
  • Fixed items always being picked up as wares after you picked up at least one as a ware.
  • Fixed enemies in Ramazith’s Tower getting stuck during combat if they are trying to fly from a lower floor to reach players on an upper floor.

So there you have it, a relatively simple list of a just a few fixes. Now, Shadowheart, keep up, we’ve got the Sword Coast to explore. As for the rest of you, see you next update.

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