Game: Baldur's Gate 3

Wizard Subclass

You specialise in unravelling and restitching the fabric of reality to fool the unwary, the gullible, and the monstrous. Learning Illusion spells from scrolls only costs you 25g per spell level, not 50.

Primary Ability: Intelligence
Spellcasting Ability: Intelligence
HP: 6 + CON modifier base, 4 + CON modifier per level
Recommended Attributes (before Bonuses)
8 STR, 13 DEX, 14 CON
15 INT, 10 WIS, 12 CHA

A Level 2 Illusion Wizard has access to the following abilities and features (in addition to their Wizard features):

  • Illusion Savant
  • Cantrip – Improved Minor Illusion
  • None
  • Level 2 – Illusion Savant; Cantrip: Improved Minor Illusion
  • Level 6 – See Invisibility
  • Level 10 – Illusory Self
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