College of Lore

Game: Baldur's Gate 3

Bard Subclass

You pursue beauty and truth, collecting knowledge from scholarly tomes to peasants’ tales, and use your gifts to hold both audiences and enemies spellbound.

Primary Ability: Charisma
Spellcasting Ability: Charisma
HP: 8 + CON modifier base, 5 + CON modifier per level
Recommended Attributes (before Bonuses)
8 STR, 14 DEX, 13 CON
12 INT, 10 WIS, 15 CHA

A Level 3 College of Lore Bard has access to the following abilities and features (in addition to their Bard features):

  • Cutting Words
  • Skills – Any 3
  • Level 3 – Cutting Words; Any 3 Proficiencies
  • Level 6 – Magical Secrets (x2) (spell level 3 or below)
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