Check These Amazing Cyberpunk 2077 Figurines from PureArts

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Despite Cyberpunk 2077 not having been released yet, Johnny Silverhand and V have already both become fairly iconic figures. Naturally, some of this can be explained by the fact that Johnny is played by Keanu Reeves. However, male and female V have also inspired a wide variety of cosplay and art, including some fantastic new Cyberpunk 2077 statues from PureArts.

PureArts makes some pretty impressive statues: last year, their Assasin’s Creed Animus Altair won multiple awards for its impressive effects and design. They’ve made figurines and statues from a wide variety of games, including an awesome Dark Souls 3 Yhorm the Giant statue and a hyper-accurate Stormtroper statue. Their standout pieces might be their new Assassin’s Creed statues, which feature clever use of LEDs to simulate the animus effect.

They’ve continued their creative use of lighting with their Cyberpunk 2077 statues and figurines, notably in V’s iconic neon-blue collar lights that feature on their male and female V figurines. They have also created an awesome statue of Johnny Silverhand that contains a 13.3in LCD screen.

At 1/6 scale, male and female V should both stand just under or around 1 foot tall. Both V figurines are incredibly posable, with over thirty points of articulation, and both figurines can be paired with a Yaiba Kusanagi Sportbike. Each figurine has different cyberware, with male V boasting mantis claws and female V rocking some cyber-enhanced strong arms. Either V also comes with a faithful recreation of the Militech M-10AF Lexington pistol.

The 1/4 scale Johnny Silverhand statue is a vision of collectibles from the future. It features the afore-mentioned LCD screen that displays images and screensavers from Cyberpunk 2077, and it also has a dual speaker system that plays the official soundtrack. The statue also has some signature Silverhand accessories you can add or remove, including his guitar and sunglasses (which are actually translucent thanks to being resin castings).

Estimated to be delivered in the first two quarters of 2021, you can pre-order any of the Cyberpunk 2077 statues from PureArts now. The first 250 customers to preorder any of the V figurines will also get an exclusive item, the Militech Spider Bot. As of this article’s publish date, all the spider bots were still available; PureArts has stated they will update their store pages once all the preorder bonuses are gone.

Are you snagging any of the Purearts figurines? Is there a Cyberpunk 2077 vehicle or character you’re hoping PureArts creates a statue of? Let us know in the comments!


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