Alone in the Dark

alone in the dark water bucket puzzle featured image

How to Solve the Water Bucket Puzzle – Alone in the Dark

Soon after entering Chapter 2 of Alone in the Dark, you’ll be tasked with collecting some missing plates scattered throughout Derceto. Your search will eventually lead you into the Kitchen Garden area where you’ll see one of the plates inside…

alone in the dark broken compass featured image

Broken Compass Lagniappe – Alone in the Dark

When you’re navigating with a Broken Compass, it’s no surprise when your boat runs ashore, or you end up in some distant troubling dreamscape. The Broken Compass is a collectible Lagniappe in Alone in the Dark that, when combined into…

alone in the dark canopic jar lagniappe featured image

Canopic Jar Lagniappe – Alone in the Dark

A Canopic Jar is an item from Ancient Egypt, where someone’s embalmed innards are stored. A little disturbing, and perfect fit for a collectible item in Alone in the Dark. This guide explains the location of the Canopic Jar Lagniappe,…