icarus survival sandbox review

ICARUS Review — Mission-Driven Sandbox Survival

ICARUS, an ambitious new survival sandbox title from RocketWerkz and its game-runner Dean Hall (of DayZ fame) was released last December after 2 years of development and a marathon of 8 Beta Testing weekends, spread over 4 months. After that…

left behind prospectors revived icarus christmas featured image

Abandoned ICARUS Characters Revived for Christmas

RocketWerkz has just announced that all characters abandoned on a mission to Icarus have been revived. Any lost prospectors should now be visible in the character select screen, as long as you’ve updated to the latest patch. An incredible 22,000…

icarus optimization and fixes featured image

ICARUS Performance Optimizations & Bug Fix Tips

ICARUS released yesterday, and many users are reporting graphical errors and performance issues. We’ve compiled some fixes that will hopefully help you get ICARUS running smooth. How to Fix Fuzzy or Flickering Graphics This is caused by NVIDIA’s DLSS feature.…

icarus extracting

What’s Coming in the ICARUS 1.0 Launch

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s announcement, ICARUS developer RocketWerkz has released more info on what players can expect coming into Friday’s release. The latest announcement gives additional details on new content, and also included mention of a 10% discount…