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Crafting your way from the stone age to rifles and carbon-composite armor is hungry work, and you’ll need to make sure you keep your belly full while prospecting. In this guide, we’ll go over the basics of finding and processing food, and list all of the foods currently available in ICARUS.

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When you first land on ICARUS, you’ll be able to harvest Berries from bushes in the Forest biome. These fill your food as well as your Water meter, and are a great way to tide yourself over until you can do some hunting.

Note that depending on your draw-distance settings and your graphics card, Berry Bushes may be indistinguishable from other bushes until you get fairly close to them.

Once you’ve crafted yourself a Bow and some Arrows, you’ll be able to take down Icarus’ animals instead of subsisting on berries. Smaller animals like rabbits and racoons go down in only one arrow, as do baby deer. Larger creatures require a headshot, a stealth attack, or both — land a headshot while crouched to ensure you take down medium deer and other larger herbivores in one arrow, otherwise they’ll run away. Lakes are another good source of food, since fish are easy targets. You can also try to take on wolves, assuming they’re alone. Have a knife crafted and ready to go as well, since it’s much easier to deal the finishing blow in melee (the wolf will attack you once you start rudely shooting arrows at it).

You can eat raw meat and raw fish, but cooking it provides additional benefits and makes it significantly more filling.

Until there’s a Prospector perk that allows you to eat raw meat, you’ll have to cook what you hunt to make it edible. This can be done at a Campfire, or in a Fireplace once you’ve reached Planetary Tech Tier 2. Open the Campfire/Fireplace’s inventory, and place your raw meat in one of the available slots. Then put fuel in the fuel slot (this can be wood, fiber, sticks, or coal), and click the “Activate” button to begin cooking.

Bread is significantly more involved than cooking meat: You’ll need a Mortar and Pestle to create Flour from Wheat, and then a Kitchen Bench to combine your Flour with Yeast to create Bread Dough. Bread Dough can then be cooked in a Gas Stove to create Bread. You can also make Flatbread Dough instead if you don’t have any Yeast.

The following foods are currently available in Icarus. You’ll need specific crafting tables or materials to create many of them — this is noted on the table where relevant.

Food Item
Other Effects
Max Stack
Required Elements/Tech
Misc Info
+4 Food, +2 Water
+50 Max HP, +75 Max Stamina
Harvested from Berry Bushes
+20 Food
Any weapon
Dropped from most mammals. Spoils after 600sec
Any weapon or Fishing Pole
+100 Food, +20 Health
+100 Max HP, +75 Max Stamina, +15 HP/tick
Spoils after 1600sec
+80 Food, +30 Health
+100 Max HP, +75 Max Stamina
+50 Food, +10 Health
+10% HP regen, 100% Stamina regen
Creating Dough requires the Kitchen Bench
+80 Food, +10 Health
+100 Max HP,
+125 Max Stamina, +10% XP
Creating Dough requires the Kitchen Bench
+40 Food
+100 Max HP,
+125 Max Stamina, 100% Stamina Regen
Berries, Jam Jar
Creating Jam requires the Kitchen Bench

This guide is a work in progress, as we work hard each Beta Weekend to collect more information on ICARUS. If you have any questions, comments, or have some info we’re lacking, please let us know in the comment section below!

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