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In the STRANGE HARVEST mission, you’ll be helping the Sinotai faction collect valuable bio-samples. This guide will first list the relevant details of the mission, and then provide a step-by-step walkthrough.

  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Recommended Level: 5
  • Location(s): Forest Biome
  • Objectives:
    • Locate Unusual Biomatter in zone alpha
      • Interact with flower to gather sample
    • Locate Unusual Biomatter in zone beta
      • Interact with flower to gather sample
    • Locate Unusual Biomatter in zone gamma
      • Interact with flower to gather sample
  • icon rencurrency50
  • Creature melee damage: -50%
  • Creature health: -50%
  • Creature movement speed: -10%
  • Bear spawn rate: -50%
  • Lion spawn rate: -10%
  • Polar bear spawn rate: -50%
  • Wolf spawn rate: -10%
  • Aggressive creatures perception: -50%
  • Neutral creatures perception: -50%
  • Passive creatures perception: -50%
  • Experience gain: -25%
  • Creature melee damage: +20%
  • Creature health: +30%
  • Creature movement speed: +10%
  • Aggressive creatures perception: +30%
  • Neutral creatures perception: +30%
  • Passive creatures perception: +30%
  • Scorpion spawn rate: +30%
  • Lion spawn rate: +30%
  • Wolf spawn rate: +30%
  • Experience gain: +25%
  • Player respawn count: 3

To complete the objectives, you’ll need to locate each flower within the search zone, and then press [F] to interact with it. If you go quick, you’ll be fine, but the flower does give off a poison aura so AFK’ing near it could theoretically kill you.

strange bloom icarus
The Strange Bloom you’re looking for

strange harvest bio research mission walkthrough icarus

While it’s definitely possible to complete this prospect with little to no equipment, you will run into wolves while searching for the flowers, so you should bring the following at a minimum:

If you’re very risk-averse, you can also create a portable shelter to help you fight predators. You can also add a bedroll so you can create a respawn point about partway through the mission.

Once you land, open your map and find the yellow circle in the southwest that indicates the first search zone. Double-click in the center of J-14 to set a waypoint, since that’s where the first objective is. Start running southwest, and gather sticks and rocks to craft your knife and bow while doing so. Sometimes it can be worth creating a stone pickaxe to collect stone faster for arrows, but your knife and a half-dozen arrows should be plenty.

Once you’ve collected a few different types of food and have slain at least an animal or two, craft a Campfire and cook your food — the bonus stamina and health makes the rest of the mission faster and safer. Chop down nearby trees for XP while you wait for your food to cook (don’t bother logging them, just fell them and move on). If you’re planning on creating a respawn point, the upper left corner of K-14 is a nice mid-way point between the first two objectives, but don’t forget to grab your gear during step 2.

Once you enter J-14, head to the lake in the center and look for your first objective on the northeastern shore (see map if you need more specific location. Get close enough to interact with it with [F] to collect your first sample.

Your next search area is back through the mountain pass at K-14, so mark the upper left corner of L-14 with a waypoint and start heading east. You’ll find a snowy valley that leads southeast — follow it a short distance to discover the next sample (see the map here for specific location).

There are often higher-level wolves here, since we’re near an entrance to the Arctic biome. If you aren’t confident in your combat abilities, and/or aren’t wearing any armor or packing some sort of healing item, go slowly and carefully here.

strange bloom obj 2

Now you’ll want to head north out of the valley and then even further north to the final search zone. Open your map and set a waypoint in the middle left side of L-12 to give yourself a compass heading, and off you go! You’ll find the final bio-sample up fairly close to the mountains on the western edge of the middle of L-12.

Once you’ve collected the final bio-sample, you can head back to your drop-pod — open your map and double click on its icon icon dropshipto give yourself a waypoint. Once there, press [F] to interact with the drop-pod, and you can leave the planet.

We hope this walkthrough for the STRANGE HARVEST mission was helpful! Please leave any questions or suggestions in the comments below.

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7 months ago

Super helpful! I totally missed the flower in the mountain pass because I like to Mountain Goat up the rocks, thank you!!!!

6 months ago

Hey guys! I am at the exact spot, but the flower is not showing in the beta zone. I get all notifications, the game tells me to press f to interact with the flower an take a sample, but it wont work cause the flower is just not there.. cant proceed with my mission or anything. Any suggestions what to do?
Thank you

6 months ago

i have same issue in zone gamma there is no flower on that spot what should i do is there anything to do with that bug or my character is dead and iam supposed to create a new one ?

6 months ago

This is bugged, I can not find flower on point gamma. Lots of time wasted

Reply to  wasted_time
6 months ago

Did you manage to get it working? I’m experiencing the same issue. Wasted so much time trying to find the damn flower!

Reply to  cyb3rg0d5
6 months ago

hi, did you manage to collect a flower at the gamma point?

6 months ago

I can’t find the second plant in the mountain pass. I have clear cut and stripped all plants and rock from area.

Mikel Hoffmann
Mikel Hoffmann
6 months ago

I restarted the game and then the mission still no flower,

6 months ago

Hello ! Just wanna point out a little issue with the article. The reward is actually 50 credits and not 100. But except that, this is a good job ! 😀 

5 months ago

Having a hard time getting there with all the wolves, bears and boars wanting my fresh flesh. How can you kill a bear with a bone knife and stone arrows?

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