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As a crafting-focused game, you can’t do anything on Icarus without first collecting the necessary resources. We’ve got guides covering every type of resource, explaining what’s available where and how to get ahold of it. Simply click on a resource category below to learn more.

Perhaps the most essential resource on Icarus (despite the abundance of trees), Oxygen is acquired from Oxite deposits, and can be consumed raw or processed by various oxygen-dispensing machines.

Once you level up a bit, you’ll be able to cook yourself some bread, but your first meals on-planet will be berries — and — if you’re lucky — raccoon meat.

The water on Icarus might make you sick, but eventually you’ll be able to catch rain (and stop catching salmonella).

Most high-tech recipes in ICARUS require metals of some kind, which are usually found in caves scattered around the planet.

Before you can create strong stone structures, you’ll be crafting shelter from thatch or wood. Your first tool you craft on Icarus will probably be an axe , and the wood it harvests will never stop being useful.

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