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Wood is one of the first resources you’ll use to craft in ICARUS, and it continues to be relevant deep into the Tech tree.

  • Currently, wood is found in significant quanitity only in the Forest biome.
  • To harvest wood, you’ll need a Stone Axe — you can collect the necessary resources to craft one by picking up sticks and rocks from the ground, and collecting fiber from bushes.
  • After chopping down a tree, you’ll need to then use your axe to chop the fallen trunk until it splits into wood, which you can then pick up.

As you might expect, wood is used in a wide variety of crafting and construction projects. It can be used not only as a crafting element, but as fuel for fires as well — wood is second only to coal in its efficiency as a fuel.

The following tools can be used to cut down and chop fallen trees. More advanced Axes will chop wood faster and last longer before needing to be repaired.

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