OMPHALOS: Expedition Mission Walkthrough – ICARUS

Death awaits you with big pointy teeth… and poisonous venom… and giant snowy claws. The Styx is a mythical river separating the living from the dead, and OMPHALOS is meant to prove that to you. This mission is a combination of three short Extermination quests but, if you go don’t watch your back, it might become a trial-by-fire.

Each objective will ask you to clear an area of a pest (or a nest of them), and then place one of the three beacons you have brought from your Dropship in the cleared area. Sol is picky, so you’ll have to get close to the center of each outlined area to advance the quest. If you lose a beacon, remember that they can be replaced for free in the Mission Equipment slots of your Dropship.

icarus omphalos expedition mission walkthrough map beacons deployed 1

Clear the nest of Komodo Dragons in the east part of I7. Komodos have a debilitating venom that saps your food buffs and makes you more vulnerable to Poison. They can be difficult to see below the brush and can attack silently, especially if you are near a dead animal.

icarus omphalos expedition mission walkthrough komodo dragon killing field
Komodo Dragon killing field in Location 2.

A Longbow and Flint Arrows will let you drop them silently, with one critical hit each. Once they are alerted to your presence, they will attack en masse. As you backpedal to stay clear of their bites, keep track of what is behind you: in this mission, the area you need to clear can spawn a new Komodo every few seconds.

Exterminate the crocodile miniboss on the island on the north side of E14. The island is densely vegetated and surrounded by crocodiles and Komodos. After their initial roar, crocodiles can close a distance quickly, especially in water. They have a wicked tail whip and a bite that can pin you in place for several seconds. They also have a large detection range and can attack in packs, like Arctic Wolves.

It will take numerous critical hits from a Longbow with Flint Arrows to take down the miniboss, so plan to give a lot of ground. Don’t leave the island, or the tethered miniboss might retreat and regenerate health. The fight may attract nearby crocodiles and Komodos, so consider clearing some of them before engaging the miniboss. The good news is that crocodiles drop tons of Raw Meat and frequently drop Soft Meat, so after the fight you’ll have a plenty of food.

icarus omphalos expedition mission walkthrough cave antechamber shelter night campfire
The Styx map is filled with cave antechambers in mountainsides and lakes where you can establish a sheltered base.

Exterminate the polar bear miniboss in the center of C10. You may have fought this battle several times on the Olympus map — the difference this time is that the battleground is not kept clear of other polar bears. In fact, if you plan to use a bow or a spear, you will likely find another polar bear walking uncomfortably close during the fight.

The polar bear miniboss is tethered, so be careful how far you kite it trying to avoid other polar bears. If it retreats, it will quickly regenerate health. The miniboss is equivalent to a Level 90-100 polar bear, so it has a plenty of health to lose. It is a good idea to create a spawn point with extra gear — the caves you passed on the southern end of D9 and on the terrace in southwest E10 are both good choices.

We hope you found this walkthrough helpful as you explored the Great River region. NOTE: This is a brief mission walkthrough, a new format we are testing. It lets us cut to the chase with tips and tricks, and allows us to cover the many ICARUS missions and updates as they come out. Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

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helen woodbury
helen woodbury
1 year ago

I have come back to Icarus after a long break; I chose the Medium risk for the Omphalos but regret this as the huge numbers of Komodo have overwhelmed me several times. This level of onslaught without respite is why I gave up on Icarus before. I hoped they might have toned is down – I was kidding myself   :wpds_eek:   :wpds_cry: 

Reply to  helen woodbury
1 year ago

It takes some experience (can recommend playing open world first to get some levels) and some know how in terms of kiting. Aiming for the head works wonders.They’re slow on land so I’d just run backwards and shoot flint arrows all the while keeping an eye on my surroundings. I got killed by a bear at the end, but lucky me, the bear killed the last komodo’s chasing me thus finishing the kill part 😉

2 months ago

I’m so not a fan of the new format. I’ve come to depend on EIP for assisting in missions (I’m a fairly new gamer) and it’s always helped immensely. This one left me wanting more.