How to Get Oxygen – ICARUS

Don’t let the blue skies and abundant greenery fool you — the atmosphere of Icarus isn’t breathable, and you’ll need to find yourself some O2 soon after you land. In this guide, we’ll go over the basics of acquiring Oxygen in ICARUS, and review the various options you have for processing and transporting it.

oxite icarus oxygen guide

Currently, the only source of Oxygen in ICARUS is Oxite Ore, which can be found in abundance in the Forest biome. You can easily identify Oxite by its pale blue color.

To collect Oxite Ore, simply equip a Pickaxe and use it on an outcropping of Oxite. The ore will automatically be placed in your inventory as you use your pickaxe on the outcropping.

oxygen slot icarus oxygen guide

There are a number of ways Oxite ore can be processed into breathable O2, from consuming raw Oxite to filling transportable Oxygen Bladders.

Some objects that provide Oxygen can be placed in the slot next to your O2 meter in your character’s inventory. An Oxygen item in this slot will automatically provide O2 until it’s depleted.

Raw Oxite can be used to fill your O2 meter, though this is the most wasteful method by far. To fully fill your O2 meter with raw Oxite requires ≈33 Oxite. You can consume it directly from your inventory by right-clicking it and selecting “consume”, or you can place it in the Oxygen item slot.

icarus item oxidizerOxidizer

Required Materials: Stick (8), Fiber (12), Leather (20), Bone (10).

Once you’ve hunted a handful of animals and skinned them, you should be able to craft an Oxidizer. It can then be filled with Oxite, and will fully replenish your oxygen with one use (at a rate of 1 Oxite per use).

It’s important to know that the Oxidizer can be picked up after it has been placed (as can most crafting objects). This allows you to relocate an Oxidizer to a new base, or just bring it with you when exploring if you don’t have access to a better portable O2 source (though if you’re exploring the forest, it’s probably simpler to just find and consume raw Oxite).

icarus item kit oxite dissolverOxite Dissolver

Required Materials: Wood (18), Leather (24), Bone (8).

Before venturing into the harsher biomes of Icarus, you’ll need to be able to bring Oxygen with you. To do this without lugging your Oxidizer around, you’ll need an Oxite Dissolver, which will allow you to fill portable Oxygen Bladders. The Oxite Dissolver requires Sulfur as well as Oxite to operate.

icarus item oxygen bladderOxygen Bladder

Required Materials: Fiber (16), Leather (30), Bone (8).

In order to even get Oxygen from an Oxite Dissolver, you’ll need to craft an Oxygen Bladder. These can then be placed in the Oxite Dissolver and filled.

oxite dissolver icarus oxygen guide
The Oxite Dissolver has slots for up to four bladders to be filled at once

You should now be more than ready to keep your lungs filled with that good stuff while on Icarus. Questions and suggestions are welcome in the comments section below!

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