ICARUS One Year Anniversary Update/Week 53 — Data Decentralization, Multiplayer Hosting, Gameplay Changes: The Game Has Come a Long Way

ICARUS had a somewhat of a rough start, if its old Steam reviews are to serve as any sort of an indicator. RocketWerkz went for a rather ambitious concept and developed a survival game around the idea of limited resources, unforgiving environment, and — most notably — a pressing time limit.

Releasing ICARUS has been the studio’s coming of age. As I’ve mentioned before the Beta weekends last year, prior to our release, were a mixed blessing. On one hand, it demonstrated a significant ground of players eager for our content – but it also outlined problems with both the concept as well as the game itself.

– Dean Hall, CEO

However, with the consistent (like, “one update a week” kind of consistent) schedule of updates, addressing bugs one set at a time, and introducing new content in packs (stuff like farming, new meats and ways of cooking them, rustic furniture pack, and deep mining with related challenges) has seemed to paid off. ICARUS seems to be getting a much better reception, and the game’s ability to retain its loyal fanbase speaks volumes about the experience it offers.

Here are the notable changes over the last year that the devs themselves chose to list:

  • Adding insurance to prospects in Week Six so players could test harder missions without fear of losing their characters
  • Adding Deep Ore Deposits in Week Ten for late-game valuable resource sourcing
  • Adding Talent Respec in Week Thirteen, allowing players to rebuild their characters as they unlock new skills
  • Changing the real-life timer to an in-game timer in Week Seventeen
  • Adding World Bosses in Week Twenty Three
  • Adding the Styx Map and Missions Pack in Week Twenty Five
  • Adding Horde Mode in Week Twenty Nine
  • Adding the Moa and Buffalo Mounts in Week Forty Two
  • Adding Open World in Week Forty Seven, a full persistent survival experience
  • Changed to a bigger, bolder Icarus logo

This One Year Anniversary Update is a testament to what has seemed to be the RocketWerkz’s mission thus far: keep pushing. Try out new things, implement features the community asks about that seem to make the most sense, and talk with the community. In my honest opinion, that last bit, along with the many events RocketWerkz hosted for its fans, has been the most impressive feature of the ICARUS experience.

  • All cloud data migrated to local computers, combining offline and online modes.
  • Open world and outpost sessions preserved, while all progress on prospects is reset. Character gear will not be lost. If players still need to pull their characters out of prospects (and maybe still complete them, if desired), they can swap to the “Centralized” branch of the game on Steam. This will only be available for a limited time.

Go to:

Steam -> Library -> ICARUS -> [right-click] -> Properties -> Betas -> [select "centralized - 1.2.27 (Pre-Data Decentralization)" from drop-down menu]
  • Multiplayer sessions will act like dedicated servers — the original host (who, of course, holds the data) must be online for other players to join.
  • In order to share prospect saves to explore someone else’s prospect when they are offline, they can be copied and shared manually.

They are stored locally at:

C:\ > Users > (your profile) > AppData > Local > Icarus > Saved > PlayerData > (your Steam ID) > Prospects


  • Exotics are no longer returned on dropship. Craft Orbital Exchange interface to call down a cargo pod for exotics. When it returns, you immediately get credited with the exotics on board.
  • Characters are not tied to any particular mission. The same character can participate in multiple active prospects simultaneously, whether solo or multiplayer. Characters cannot be lost on any prospect.
  • Mission rewards are granted immediately on completion of mission, and insurance only insures loadout items as characters cannot be lost. Mission timeout results in loss of workshop items in loadout. Insured items can be reclaimed after 5 real-time days.
  • Workshop items are not auto-repaired in orbit. Workshop items require 10 Ren each to repair in the orbital inventory. They can still be repaired in the Tier 3 workbench in a prospect using a repair kit.

Also worth mentioning is that, with the decentralization finally being completed this week, a Dedicated Servers Beta officially begins. Support for this will be provided on the #dedicated-server-beta channel on the official ICARUS Discord server.

Gamerunner Dean Hall’s assessment of the game and the year-long development effort by RocketWerkz is both critical, honest, and promising. While ICARUS certainly debuted with Mixed (66% positive overall) reviews, every major content update yielded a mostly positive bump.

The most dramatic burst has been in the past month (87% positive recent reviews) as the studio released the Open World mode (no-timer, unrestricted development) and expanded it with dynamic missions. They did this all while releasing new timed missions, completing and refining the models in the planetary tech tree, and polishing the transition from cloud-based to locally-stored saves. Let us not forget all the posts on work toward the upcoming Prometheus DLC.

icarus week 53 update steam reviews history
  • New logo
  • Added server settings for preventing non-admin players from either launching or deleting prospects
  • Cleaned up matchmaking subsystem code, adding comments and extra steps to make sure session finding gets cleaned up correctly
  • Moved test matchmaking server browser code into it’s own file
  • Removed duplicate spawn of quest manager
  • Adding the ability to repair workshop items in space for 10 Ren
  • Orbital Exchange Interface now has an associated Blueprint and Updated Recipe
  • Fixing Return Via Dropship text so it makes sense in terms of the data decentralization
  • Updating the Workshop Repair in Space to use better calls and logic
  • Tidying up the Load Prospect Screen UI to show more feedback on remaning time, rewards and small layout fixes
  • Adding Description text for Open World in D_ProspectList
  • Tidying up Server Browser, fixing various overlap issues, Adding Open World text to Open World Sessions
  • Change Insurance timeout from 14 days to 5 days
  • Updating Descriptions where insurance is mention to explain how it works
  • Updating Insurance Display Panel to show text if there are no items currently insured
  • Updating Escape Menu database save text to reflect what it is now actually doing, saving the state of the prospect
  • Updating Load Prospect UI to include Open World & Outpost names when selected
  • Added Session type prefix before names in button selection in the Load Prospect UI
  • Fixed talent syncing issues with unlocking new workshop items and unlocking new missions
  • Updated Workshop Repair Kit and bundle description to refer the player to the repair bench instead of machining bench and fabricator.
  • Added icon for Orbital Delivery Interface
  • Modified Rocket saving to clean up rockets for players who are no longer part of the prospect
  • Pre-migration character data on drops should now be correctly cleaned up. This should prevent flip-flopping between two different inventories/positions when reloading pre-migration saves repeatedly
  • Locked STYX Open World and Mission buttons behind Styx_Map PackageFlag. Added optional MultiFlag requirement to all IcarusWidgets
  • Fixed issue where Package Flags weren’t being automatically unlocked in editor build target
  • Added scroll bar to Load Game prospect list. Adjusted UI layout of Load Game window elements to be more in line with other Load/New/Join screens
  • Tidying up Insurance Claim UI and Popup
  • Players can now close the insurance claim UI with Escape
  • Currently selected prospect in load screen is now highlighted. Adjusted style of resume prospect list to match others
  • Adding new function to player data component to retrieve a characters loadout based on a passed in prospect
  • Adding loadout information and various information messages about loadouts on the load screen
  • Fixed bug where outposts tied to PackageFlags couldn’t be selected when starting a new outpost
  • Uninsured loadouts are no longer automatically deleted when returning from a prospect. This allows the option of returning to a prospect to collect the missing items. Loadouts can still be deleted from the popup menu if no longer wanted
  • Added a scrollbox to the insurance popup and itemsondrop popup so that no items overflow if you bring over 10 items now
  • Made layout and navigation of ‘Load’ screen similar to other prospect/outpost screens
  • Fixed leaving a prospect that has multiple of your characters on it via dropship removing the wrong character from the prospect
  • Fixed envirosuits still showing as checked out on a loadout when they were returned but another part of the loadout wasn’t
  • Fixed OldMap log spam on dedicated servers when loading an existing prospect
  • Fixed burnt trees being incorrectly loaded after rejoining which caused clients to not them
  • Can now only reclaim/destroy existing drop loadouts from the ‘Loadout’ screen after character select, could previously do this by clicking on any instance of the UMG_ItemsOnDrop widget
  • Removed case where old prospect expiry time is set when it is no longer used
  • Fixed blueprint compile error inside UMG_ItemsOnDropsList
  • Fix a possible cause of multiple instances of the same prospect showing in Load screen, and sometimes missing associated characters data. Change the GetAllAssociatedProspects function to get all outposts and open worlds first before character associated prospects, and de-duplicate the merged results using prospect ID. To be manually merged up after review
  • Included OW/Outpost names on buttons and loadouts for better clarity in menus
  • Added temporary fix for incorrect lobby privacy when resuming prospects. Lobby privacy is now set to whatever privacy you initially hosted the prospect with
  • Updates to ‘Load’ Screen UI. Players are now prompted to select Lobby Privacy when loading a prospect they have a character on
  • Fixed issue that was preventing deletion of the last remaining character on your account
  • Deleting a character now correctly removes additional character related files (associated prospects file)
  • Fix sorting of GetAllAssociatedProspects results so that prospects which the selected character is actually associated with are at the top of the list
  • Updating Text for Peer-to-Peer & Dedicated Servers so it is localised
  • Resume button will now be disabled if the previous prospect played was with a server/friend
  • Updated migrator version. This will trigger a fresh migration for all players
  • Updated title screen to use new key art
  • Reduced size of Icarus Logo Texture to improve aliasing issue on main menu. Added parallax effect to main menu key art
  • Adding Logging to Update & Host Session Functions
  • Forcing an update to trigger everytime the prospect data is set (The update allows a refresh and broadcast of the session for multiplayer)
  • Fixed issue where key art character position would pop on first opening title screen
  • Switched to clean version of new Icarus logo. Added panning smoke. Shifted character keyart in front of new logo
  • Fixed smoke clipping on title screen.
  • Fixed buttons not being interactable
  • Fixed ordering of new title screen keyart to prevent it overlapping settings/credits menu
  • Fixed tiling smoke texture on title screen not filling entire viewport for some aspect ratios
  • Fixed talent syncing issues with unlocking new workshop items and unlocking new missions
  • Remove harvest particle and associated assets used on BerryBush actor, not using the existing effects flow. New unique DM for Berrybush pending
  • Various texture settings fixes and optimizations
  • Remove projectionlocation component from BP actors that shouldn’t need it (copy pasta)er
  • Improve location on Fir/Pine saplings
  • Fixed persistent blocker actors initialising before recorder components had been reloaded; Fixes issue where existing open world saves would have their blockers active even if player had completed related mission to unblock them
  • Fixup redirectors in ENV folder
  • Fixed Floating Mineable Rock J13: [IC-21723] Fixed Floating Cliff I6 on Styx
  • Remove duplicate unused BerryBush assets
  • Reparented BerryBush BP to ResourceNodeBase instead of DressedNodeBase as that tech is no longer being used
  • Clean up some master texture references
  • Fix grass being disabled on some plants where it makes a tangible difference to visuals
  • Fixed dependency issue with hab menus
  • Exotic Delivery ships now can only carry exotics in their inventories
  • Delete 6 copies of the same bark texture, genercise filenames and repath use cases
  • Delete 3 duplicates of the same Leaf normal texture, repath use cases for variations
  • Delete duplicate smoke texture, repath use case
  • Fix Fir01 filenames so that the incoming 1300+ reference fixes point to a nice filename
  • Fix Flare Arrow and Transport Pod flare setups to be Green/Yellow again via new assets (after BP configurable setup caused crashes and was removed)
  • Delete old Flaticons textures only used as placeholder/overridden icons
  • Fixing issue where players could not unlock workshop items, may block mission talent unlock in multiplayeron clients, another fix will come shortly
  • The Drowned Drone in the Open World Dynamic mission will now reload as intended, it was not saving itself
  • Hunt Missions are now once again Deterministic after creation, no more random flip flopping of targets on reload
  • Dynamic Cache mission: Fixed quest tagging on rewards to never give the quest tag stat (was previously giving stat = 0). This will allow players to stack Cache rewards as expected
  • Fixed description text format for AUGMENTATION, SPELUNKING and ABYSS steps to allow translation.
  • Updated AUGMENTATION mission objectives to use a variable for the count, allowing easier updating of those values
  • Fixed not being able to scroll in the server browser
  • Enabled logging on shipping client builds
  • Dynamic Cache mission: Fixed random seed of creature spawns guarding the cache so they will not reset on relaunch
  • Remove Red light on Orbital Exchange interface. Moved audio locator for both OEI and Short Range Radio to be closer to devices for mesh
  • Change hint text from ‘Enter Outpost Name’ to ‘Enter Prospect Name’ now that this UI is used for Outposts and OpenWorld
  • Blacklist RDP adapter from graphics driver detection
  • Fixed bug where you couldn’t shoot through fortification gate.
  • Fixed bug where creatures couldn’t navigate properly through the semi-destroyed variant of fortification gate
  • Fixed issue where Steam API call wasn’t recognising unreleased DLC packages
  • Painted mangrove seedlings and polished foliage, decal in Swamp biome, Purple Quad, DLC
  • Adding blueback attack slam audio and animation notifiers
  • Ice Borer T3 – meshes, materials, textures, animation added
  • Added logging when cave templates fail to generate to help track down the exact issue
  • Fixed renamed foliage references in swamp cave templates
  • LC Terraces – prototype mesh added
  • Fix M_RockMaster missing function and new triplanar support
  • Update Voxels in GL & LC Cave Templates for DLC Map
  • Placement of Cliffs in the Phase 2 Area of Purple Quad, Prometheus
  • Added destructible meshs for tundra bushes and tunrda saplings. Created harvest BPs and linked to node BPs
  • Fixed CF_FirSap DM Materials that weren’t assigned correctly
  • Painted Pro Cave Voxels and stalactites in cave transition between Green and Purple Quad, DLC
  • Added Destructible meshes for ToiToi and Aspen Saplings
  • Updating p4ignore with backend removal changes
  • GL Tussocks Harvest VFX Setup
  • Various updates and fixes for breakable rocks:
  • Fix issues with initialisation order which broke stuff when playing in a level
  • Reserve FLOD instance when actor is first damaged
  • Switch rep graph policy to Spatialise_Dormancy, which seems to be required to get replication working correctly with FLOD setup
  • Set up a basic recorder component, needs testing on reload
  • Resaved ErrorCodes DT to fix validation
  • Placement of Cliffs in the Phase 2 Area of Purple Quad, Prometheus
  • Update voxels in AC cave templates, made 2 new AC template cave & replace old cave templates with new ones on Blue Quad, DLC Map
  • Updated swamp quadruped physics assets and added critial hit volumes to BP. Removed carry function for swamp quadruped corpse. Added base setup for SwampQuadruped Mount
  • Paint Cave Pro voxels in manual cave tunnel between Swamp and Lava biome, polish dressing, Purple Quad, DLC
  • Placement of Cliffs in the Phase 2 Area of Purple Quad, DLC
  • Added derstuction for lava biome foliage
  • Placement of Cliffs in the Phase 2 Area of Purple Quad and Added Red Grass Foliage In Volcanic Biome, Prometheus
  • Added new cave templetes & replace old caves on Blue/Green Quad, DLC Map
  • Resource_Scoria_Var1 mesh update
  • Resource_Obsidian_Var1 mesh update
  • Resource_Clay_Var1 mesh update
  • SW_Tree_SML_Dead variations mesh, BP, material and textures
  • SM_Node_SuperCooledIce mesh, material and textures
  • Painted Cave Pro voxels in Mega tree cave , polished dressing, Purple Quad, DLC
  • Fix initialisation issue with breakable rocks which prevented them from breaking properly when placed in editor. Add missing API macro to rock base recorder
  • Delete duplicate Fir01 burnt bark texture from Fir02 folder and repathed 1400 materials to use the texture from the Fir01 folder with correct filename
  • Added WL_Mangrove_Roots, 6 variations
  • Adding blueback calls V1. May adjust once behavior is in game
  • Update last remaining Brick buildable BPs and data to complete set. Add icons for all remaining meshes
  • Fix wrong icon used on Iron Wall DBL window
  • Adding swamp specific tree creaks to ambience layer
  • SM_DEP_FurnaceElectric_IngotObsidian mesh and textures
  • Delete unused duplicate ponga assets. Fix filenames and texture settings
  • Placement of Cliffs in the Phase 2 Area of Purple Quad and Added Riverbanks Along Lava Rivers, Prometheus
  • Added initial setup for Snow Striker mount
  • Fix accidentally deleted Meshable row for Moa carcass
  • Previous version of Account Flags are now Package Flags. Implemented new version of account flags, similar to characters flags but shared across all characters
  • Temporarily removing Package Check for Styx, Reverting to deluxe edition package check for outposts
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