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In the SEVEN PILLARS mission, you’ll be surveying the Desert for the Lagos unit, in an attempt to discover new drop zones. This guide will first list the relevant details of the mission, and then provide a step-by-step walkthrough.

  • Approximate time to complete: 40 minutes
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Recommended Level: 10
  • Location(s): Desert Biome
  • Objectives:
    • Collect radar from supply pod
    • Scan location 1
    • Scan location 2
    • Scan location 3
  • icon rencurrency200
  • Creature melee damage: -50%
  • Creature health: -50%
  • Creature movement speed: -10%
  • Bear spawn rate: -50%
  • Lion spawn rate: -10%
  • Polar bear spawn rate: -50%
  • Wolf spawn rate: -10%
  • Aggressive creatures perception: -50%
  • Neutral creatures perception: -50%
  • Passive creatures perception: -50%
  • Experience gain: -25%
  • Creature melee damage: +20%
  • Creature health: +30%
  • Creature movement speed: +10%
  • Aggressive creatures perception: +30%
  • Neutral creatures perception: +30%
  • Passive creatures perception: +30%
  • Scorpion spawn rate: +30%
  • Lion spawn rate: +30%
  • Wolf spawn rate: +30%
  • Experience gain: +25%
  • Player respawn count: 3

To complete the objectives, you’ll need to grab a radar unit from a supply pod, and then deploy and activate it at three scan locations. As long as you pay attention near the scan locations and don’t stumble into any hyenas, this mission should be a breeze.

placing radar seven pillars icarus guide
The radar unit
seven pillars mission objectives icarus

Listed below is the minimum requirement for completing the mission.

If you want to make sure you can respawn in case you screw up while activating the radar, you can put a Bedroll in your portable shelter before you place and activate each radar — this will give you somewhere to respawn. Don’t forget to take it with you when you move on to the next objective!

Note: Like many missions, this one ends once the final objective is completed; you can let your character die once you’ve completed the mission, and therefore get back to the Drop Pod much quicker. However, if you complete the objectives in a counter-clockwise loop starting with the western-most objective, you should be only a ~5 minute run away from the Drop Pod when you finish the last objective, so this usually isn’t worth it.

Once you land, open your map and find the Supply Crate icon crate, which should be nearby, and grab the radar from it. Once you’ve got it, collect Sticks and Stones to craft a Stone Pickaxe, then use the Pickaxe to get enough stone for a knife and some arrows (you’ll probably need to collect bushes for more sticks).

With the fiber and sticks you collect, prioritize building the 4 Walls and 2 Floors you need for your shelter until you’ve finished; you can then start crafting pieces of the Cloth Armor set, though it isn’t strictly necessary. Note that many animals here won’t die to one stone arrow headshot, so you may need to find a Chamois and kill that first, harvest its bones, then craft bone arrows to take down the sturdier animals.

As you collect resources and kill wildlife, head southwest towards A-13 (you can double-click your map to set a waypoint). You’ll need to move fairly quickly to not run out of water, but as there are no predators in your path, it’s OK to just sprint as much as you can. You may need to utilize your shelter if a bad storm hits you. Once you reach the in A-13, set up a Campfire, cook any meat you have, and craft 6 ladders and a couple of floors (any type will do). Head out into the middle of the lake, and build a series of ladders to reach the higher of the two rocks there.

building ladder seven pillars icarus walkthrough
You may need to start by building underwater

Once you deploy the radar, activate it and then climb down your ladder and into the water, then swim a bit away — predators don’t seem to spawn near the radar if you’re far enough away. The radar will deactivate; climb back up and reactivate it, then pick it up with [X] once it’s finished scanning. Also take your ladders with you, as you’ll need them for the final scan zone.

While your meat finishes cooking, find an Oxite deposit and refill your Oxygen meter. Then, open your map and set a new waypoint on the objective marker in C-14. Make sure you take a final sip of water before you leave, then start heading east. You’ll bear south after a bit, and soon enough you should come across your next scan zone. Set up the radar like usual, activate it then run a fair distance away.

cliff safety seven pillars icarus walkthrough
The cliff to the west of the 2nd scan location is a great place to hide and wait

An elephant will show up and disable the radar; wait until it wanders off, then go and reactive the radar. Pick it up once it’s done, and open your map to set your final waypoint on the objective marker in D-12 and start heading in that direction. There will now be predators in your path, so while it’s OK to sprint as you travel north/northeast, you’ll want to keep an eye out for hyenas as you do so.

Grab a drink of water at the pool before you place the final radar. Also, place your ladders (and your floors as a platform if need be) so that you can climb up to the cliff just above the radar placement location. This will give you a good angle on the predators down below (though you can also choose to hide further away and let them wander off — your choice). Activate the radar and then climb up the ladder, and soon a pair of cougars will spawn and attack the radar.

safety platform seven pillars icarus walkthrough

You can then safely snipe them from the top of the cliff. You’ll need to climb down and reactive the radar once they’re dispatched; once the radar is finished scanning and you pick it up, your mission is complete! You can now return to the dropship, which is only a short distance away. It’s probably getting close to night at this point, but once you’re a minute or so out from the final scan zone, there won’t be any more predators — you can safely blunder your way to the dropship in the dark.

We hope this walkthrough for SEVEN PILLARS was helpful, though we still aren’t sure which pillars they’re talking about. Leave any questions or suggestions you have in the comments below!

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Watch out for scorpions on the run since the most recent update.

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