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Many Tier 4 objects and equipment in ICARUS require power in order to function. Unfortunately, the game doesn’t do a very good job of explaining how to power objects. With that in mind, we’ve created this guide on how electricity works in ICARUS. We’ll go over power sources, and then discuss how to actually connect power-generating objects to objects that require power.

There are currently two options for generating power in ICARUS:

item kit generatorBiofuel Generator

Power Generated: 2500

The Biofuel Generator is significantly cheaper to create than the Solar Panel (it requires far fewer Electronics), and doesn’t necessitate crafting a Material Processor (for Composites) like the Solar Panel does. It can also run at any time of day. However, it generates significantly less power, and therefore can’t power the Electric Furnace while also powering additional objects.

The Biofuel Generator requires Biofuel to operate — this is crafted in a Biofuel Can at a Biofuel Composter. Don’t forget to turn it on!

item solar panelSolar Panel

Power Generated: 5000

The Solar Panel is much more expensive to craft, and must be placed outside to operate. It also only functions during the day. The advantages of the Solar Panel are that it goes outside (and therefore doesn’t take up space in your shelter ), and that it doesn’t require any fuel to operate. It also provides twice as much power, and can therefore power both the Electric Furnace while also power lights or a Refrigerator.

To power objects, you’ll need to connect them to your Solar Panel or Biofuel Generator by using the Electricity Tool, which is crafted at the Fabricator. To use the Electricity Tool, drag it into your hotbar and then press the number key you’ve assigned it to. If you’ve done this correctly, you’ll see a bundle of yellow wires at the bottom of your screen, and you’ll now be able to place wires.

equipped electrical tool icarus guide
If you see this at the bottom of your screen, you’re ready to start wiring!

With the Electricity Tool equipped, aim anywhere on the ground, wall, or ceiling, and left click to place a wire node. You’ll now see the green outline of a wire when you move your mouse. Left-clicking a second time on a wall, floor, or ceiling will create a new node attached to the first one, and begin placing a new wire. You can place what appears to be an unlimited amount of nodes, but the more nodes you have, the more difficult troubleshooting your connections will become.

zoom placing a new node and wire icarus electricity guide

You can click on an already-placed node to attach a new wire, which can help with keeping things neat. You can also left-click on an already-placed wire to create a new node data that point on the wire — this is useful if you need to add a new object to a power source.

When placing a wire, if you place your mouse over a power source or an object that needs power, the wire’s outline should turn yellow. If the outline is yellow, left-clicking will connect the wire to the object.

zoom wire connecting to object turning yellow icarus electricity guide

If you want, you can skip placing a node, and instead start by using the Electricity Tool and left-clicking directly on either the power source or the object to be powered. You can then left-click the other object — once the wire turns yellow, left-clicking will create a connection between the two.

zoom direction connection icarus electricity guide

One thing to note is that you can only have one connection to an object, so if you want to create a series of connections, you’ll need to create a new node. For example, you can’t connect your solar panel directly to your Electric Furnace, and then your Electric Furnace directly to a light.

To remove unwanted wires, equip the Electricity Tool, aim directly at the wire (not at the metal connecter) and right-click. Note that depending on how you’ve placed wires, you may need to remove walls or pick up objects in order to properly find and right-click the wire. You can also right-click the deployable the wires are connected to while holding the Electricity Tool to remove every wire connected to that deployable.

While only the Electric Furnace lists its power usage, other objects seem to draw a specific amount of power — you can’t power an unlimited number of lights or refrigerators on a single power source. It’s difficult to test, but our best guesses are below.

  • Basic Wall Light – 150
  • Basic Ceiling Light – 150
  • Heavy Heater – 250
  • Heavy Air Conditioner – 250
  • Refrigerator – 500
  • Electric Furnace – 2500 (as per Electric Furnace Inventory screen)

There appear to be some strange issues with power usage: if you connect too many objects to your power source, such that they can’t all be powered, you’ll sometimes lose power on every object — even if you disconnect the object that put you over your maximum power. To fix this, you’ll need to disconnect everything from the power source and reconnect it; if you have a lot of connections, you can just disconnect and reconnect the one closest to the power source.

Creating new nodes on a wire can also sometimes inexplicably cut power, so it’s best to minimize your total number of nodes.

We hope this guide on electricity in ICARUS was helpful! If you have any questions or suggestions, or more information on electricity to share, please use the comments below.

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2 years ago

Thanks for the concise and easily implemented guide. Concerning your bio; I went outside once. The graphics were awful and I don’t think I leveled even once

Paul Spencer
Paul Spencer
8 months ago

Can you Chain Generators together to provide a single backbone for your base? Or do you have to have power islands.