ICARUS Logging Build

Wish you were a lumberjack? Have an inexplicable hatred of trees? Or do you simply want to protect your stuff from storms? Whatever your reason for wanting to turn our tall leafy friends into a usable crafting material, this guide will show you the best talents to choose for logging in ICARUS.

The following talents are listed in order of unlock priority. Note that the [brackets] indicate the Tree — Tab that the listed talent is found in. The key Wood Harvesting talents will cost you 12 Talent Points, while including all the optional talents will cost you 23 Talent Points.

  1. talent resources lumberyield Lumber Yield [Survival — Resources]: 3 points
    • +5/10/20% Yield from Felling Trees. Maxing this out should be your first priority, as it dramatically increases the amount of wood you gather per tree.
  2. talent tools hardyaxeheadsDiscount Axes I [Construction — Tools]: 1 point
    • -25% Resource Cost of Crafted Axes. This is nice, but mostly we take it to get further down the tree.
  3. talent tools speedchopper Speed Chopper [Construction — Tools]: 3 points
    • +5/10/20% Attack Speed with Axes. This is the second talent we max — the faster you swing, the faster trees fall.
  4. talent tools extrasharp Extra Sharp [Construction — Tools]: 3 points
    • +5/10/25% Felling Damage. The increased felling damage significantly increases the speed at which trees go down.
  5. talent tools lumberjackendurance Lumberjack Endurance [Construction — Tools]: 3 points
    • +5/10/15% Stamina Consumed by Axe Actions. While not as impactful as the previous talents, reduced stamina consumption still means faster tree chopping.

Beyond the 5 key Talents, there are a handful of optional Talents in the Survival — Resources tree that make being a timber-focused Prospector more convenient. However, these will not make harvesting wood significantly quicker, and so you should feel free to choose other talents if you don’t want to hyper-focus on logging.

  1. talent resources densepackingDense Packing I [Survival — Resources]: 3 points
    • +5/10/20% Weight Capacity. We max this out before Movin’ Wood because it increases your overall carry capacity, rather than just wood — if you’re truly planning on moving nothing but logs, prioritize Movin’ Wood instead.
  2. talent resources luckylumberjack Wood Breakdown [Survival — Resources]: 1 point
    • Unlocks the ability to turn wood into sticks. If you’re going to be collecting a lot of wood, you might as well give it another use — this is especially helpful when venturing to areas with less sticks, like the Arctic or Desert.
  3. talent resources mobiletimber Movin’ Wood [Survival — Resources]: 4 points
    • +5/10/15/30% Carry Weight of Wood. If you plan going all the way down the optional talents, go ahead and put all 4 points into this talent. You can choose to put more points into Dense Packing II instead if you like.
  4. talent resources densepackingDense Packing II [Survival — Resources]: 1 point
    • +5/10/20% Weight Capacity. We need 1 more point on the Survival — Resources tree to unlock Seasoned Logsman, and this one is all-around useful.
  5. talent resources efficientlogsman Seasoned Logsman [Survival — Resources]: 1 point
    • Wood is automatically gathered from chopping trees. This saves your left index finger from a lot of work, and that fact alone makes it worth picking up.
  6. talent resources outstandinglumberjack Peerless Lumberjack [Survival — Resources]: 1 point
    • 1% chance to Instantly Fell Trees. This is objectively a suboptimal Talent, but it sure is satisfying when a tree goes down in one hit.

logger build tree part 2
Key + Optional Talents pictured (image credit: icarusbuilds.app)
logger build tree 2 part 2
This tree is only key talents (image credit: icarusbuilds.app)

We hope this ICARUS build was helpful. Leave questions and suggestions in the comments below, and happy lumberjacking!

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