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Icarus is a harsh and unforgiving place, a product of a failed terraforming project. Surviving here will require more than just a stone axe — but, in order to craft these you’ll need to level up.

While most activities in ICARUS give you experience points, the process can be very slow, especially if you aren’t willing to risk death at the hands of a wolf pack. If your goal is to level up as quickly as possible (while avoiding sharp teeth) this guide will give you efficient but simple methods for racking up the XP.

Note: this method is meant for low-level players (until about level 10). Once better-equipped, you will likely find superior sources of XP.

Required: All you’ll need for this method is an unlocked Thatch or Wooden Wall in your tech tree, a stone axe, and an area with trees and bushes.

  1. Chop down trees, chop the fallen trunks and remaining stumps until they turn into wood, then pick all of it up.
  2. Once you run out of stamina, open the crafting menu and select the Wooden Wall (or Thatch Wall if you aren’t level 5 yet). Click the “Max” button and then craft as many walls as you can.
  3. Your stamina probably still isn’t back yet, so walk around harvesting bushes for sticks and fiber.
  4. Once your stamina is full, go back to step 1 and repeat! Little addition, though: when you get to step 2, before you craft the walls, right click the stack of walls in your inventory and destroy them to get some of the materials back.
icarus leveling fast guide xp chopping wood
Get used to this view

It’s pretty easy for a bear or a pack of wolves to sneak up on you while you’ve got a face full of tree and bush. Luckily, there’s an easy way to keep yourself safe: fences!

Unlock Thatch Railing (or Wood Railing if you’re level 5+) and create a small pen near the area you’re going to be leveling in. Make sure you have a bow and some arrows crafted, along with a knife (when things get a little too close).

If predators attack you, simply sprint to your pen and jump inside. You can then use your bow and knife to fight back; it will have to destroy the railing before it can attack you, and if it does manage to break through you should have done enough damage to it that you can win the fight. Alternatively, jump out and run, leaving the railing behind as a barrier — we discuss this strategy in more detail in our Surviving Bears guide!

Thanks to Dionaea and chrono539 from the ICARUS Discord for this tip and image.

icarus bear trap prospector pen
Pictured: Chrono539 and one foolish bear

Blueprint Points are precious. If you don’t want to spend them on unlocking railing tech, there’s another way to deal with predators, though it’s riskier and harder to pull off:

  1. Craft 2 thatch wall and 2 thatch ramps.
  2. Place the wall on the ground. Build one ramp from ground to the top of the wall, and one from the top of the wall upwards (see the image below).
    • If the first wall sinks pretty far into the ground, you’ll need to put another one on top. However, if you have to place two walls like this, you will no longer have a second wall in your hotbar for deconstruction (you will see why that matters below). So, just build yourself a 3rd one.
  3. Put your remaining wall in your hotbar, ideally into one of the first few number keys — this way you can easily press it while running.
bear proof safety leveling up xp guide icarus
Your finished product should look like this

If you’re attacked by a predator, run to your contraption and sprint up the ramp to the top. Use your hotkey to select the wall in your inventory, then turn around and aim at the lower ramp section and press [Y] to deconstruct it. You’ll then be able to get a few arrows into the wolf or bear while they attempt to destroy the wall you’re standing on.

There are a number of talents that can assist you in speed leveling. We’ve listed them in order of how well they’ll help you level faster:

  • Speed Chopper (Construction – Tools): +10/15/25% Attack Speed with Axes — Naturally, the faster you can chop, the quicker you’ll level up
  • Speedy Mining (Construction – Tools): +10/15/25% Attack Speed with Pickaxes — As above, the faster you mine, the more xp you’ll earn.
  • Chase ‘Em Down (Survival – Hunting): +10/25 Base Stamina — With more max stamina, you’ll be able to chase down prey (or escape predaors) more easily, and mine/chop more before resting.
  • Marathon Runner (Solo): +10/25 Base Stamina — Increasing your base stamina can help you chop more trees before you have to catch your breath, and also allows you to chase prey/run from predators longer.

While it’s much, much riskier than simply chopping down trees (not that trees haven’t been known to fall on careless prospectors), animals give decent experience, and predators give significantly more XP than trees and rocks. If there are wolves or a bear in the area, it can be worth building the above-mentioned railing pen and luring them to you with a well-aimed arrow from afar.

That being said, forests are easy to find, while predators tend to be much less abundant. Therefore, this is more of a “nice to know” thing rather than a solid strategy you can use for quickly leveling up a new character.

EIP.gg takes no responsibility for prospectors maimed or killed as a result of this tip.

We hope this guide on leveling in ICARUS was helpful! Please note that given the limited time the ICARUS Beta has been live thus far, this guide is the result of somewhat limited testing.

If you’ve found other methods for leveling up quickly, please feel free to share them in the comments below. Other suggestions or questions are, of course, always welcome!

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