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In ICARUS, you’ll spend most of your time completing prospects (missions) for the various factions attempting to extract resources from the eponymous planet. These range from simple exploration jobs to long and dangerous treks to recover downed satellites or rare exotics.

Unlocking Missions

Prospects are part of a tree, and you’ll need to complete prerequisite prospects in order to unlock subsequent ones. Most prospects have a recommended level; while it’s possible to complete prospects while below the recommended level, it is significantly more challenging.

Mission Types

Different missions require different prep and strategies. We’ll continue adding specific mission walkthroughs to this section, so watch this space! If there’s a mission you’re stuck on, please let us know so we can prioritize creating a walkthrough for that mission.

Click a mission type to see details and walkthroughs.

Construction missions give you a task of reaching a designated point and establishing a base of operations: building a base in a specific place with specific items inside of it. The task of building is often made into a challenge by either the environment, its fauna, or both, requiring you to prepare your tools and strategy ahead of time.

Construction Walkthroughs

Delivery is a bit similar to Recover missions: you will need to locate and retrieve an important item. However, your transportation of the item will be the focus of the mission, often presented with a unique constraint, such as maintaining the temperature of your package.

These missions usually require Prospectors to enter dangerous terrain and complete an objective such as recovering and/or setting up equipment.

Expedition Walkthroughs

Extermination missions require you to track and kill a tough, boss-style predator. You will receive unique medals in the game for dispatching this target. Naturally, these missions are combat-focused, so make sure you’ve got a plan that involves creating decent armor and weapons before you set out on your hunt.

Extermination Walkthroughs

These prospects are all about finding and mining Exotics, which is the main reason Prospectors are even on Icarus at all. Once you’ve completed each type of Extraction mission, that type of Exotic ore will begin to show up on Icarus.

Extraction Walkthroughs

Survey missions usually require you to set up multiple Geo-Stations around an area, and therefore involve a decent amount of hiking. Like the radars in Scan missions, the Geo-Survey equipment can sometimes attract predators, so be ready for a fight.

Geo-Survey Walkthroughs

Extended Survey Walkthroughs

Recon missions tend to be short, and usually involve simply staying alive in an area for a pre-determined length of time (or until you reach a certain character level).

Recon Walkthroughs

Recovery missions involve locating and retrieving technology, usually satellites or other tech that has fallen from orbit. Some missions may require trekking long distances, while others have the tech you need to grab placed in difficult-to-reach locations, like up on a cliff.

Recovery Walkthroughs

These prospects tend to involve finding specimens of some kind, and require lots of hiking and searching (sometimes the samples are tough to locate). Samples can sometimes be in predator-rich environments, so equipping yourself for combat is recommended.

Bio-Research Walkthroughs

Geo-Research Walktkhroughs

Scan Missions are similar to Survey missions, in that you’re setting up a tool and turning it on. Turning on the radar often attracts predators, and so these missions usually involve combat — prepare accordingly.

Scan Walkthroughs

Stockpile missions can be compared to construction missions, where the focus of the mission is reaching a designated area and then working with the crafting aspect of the game. Expect to be acquiring a surplus of valuable materials, processing them in bulk, and dropping them into cargo pods set up at specific locations.

Stockpile Walkthroughs

Hardcore Missions

Note: Given the bugs currently present in ICARUS, you run the very real risk of permanently losing your prospector through no fault of your own while running a hardcore mission. We suggest using a back-up character for Hardcore Missions for the time being.

These more challenging missions are for prospectors who want a true survival challenge. These missions are much harder, but also offer higher experience gains and rewards. Numerous aspects of the missions are made more difficult, especially predators’ health, speed, and ability to detect you. These missions also tend to have short timers, requiring prospectors to act quickly and efficiently to complete them.

hardcore mission differences icarus guide
A hardcore mission details screen

It’s easy to identify Hardcore missions on the mission select screen by their bright red border. They usually unlock alongside the regular version of the mission.

hardcore mission on tree icarus guide

Perhaps the biggest challenge in hardcore missions is the number of times you can be revived by teammates: usually 1 revive per player, per mission. Additionally, you cannot revive at a bed in Hardcore Missions. This is especially an issue for solo players, who then are basically playing with no extra lives. However, there is a solution for solo players (or groups that get wrecked).

How to Revive in Hardcore Missions

If you’re rendered unconscious in a Hardcore Mission, someone else in your prospect can revive you if you aren’t out of respawns. If you’re alone, or if your entire group gets knocked out, you can invite someone to your prospect (as long as it isn’t full) and have them revive you. The official Discord’s #lfg channel is a great place to ask for help.

If you can’t get someone to revive you, you can also use the “Remove from Prospects” button on the Character Select screen. Fair warning: this doesn’t always work, and you will lose any Workshop items you brought with you. This option will likely be removed in a future update.


Some ICARUS missions have drop insurance. What this means is that if your character is still on the when went the mission timer runs out, that character won’t be lost forever like it usually is. Instead, your character will be returned safe and sound to Orbit, and you’ll be able to send them out on another mission.

content update insurance icarus mission
A mission that has drop insurance

Tips ‘n Tricks

  • By double-clicking on the map, you can create a waypoint , which will then show up on your compass. This is a great way to track objectives without having to constantly check your map.

We hope this guide on ICARUS’ missions was helpful! If you have any questions or suggestions, just use the comments box below.

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Kim André Neumann
Kim André Neumann
1 month ago

Tried the “search valley” mission yesterday.
5 hrs on that mål, all of it opened, and still did not get the mission.. any tips?

1 month ago

I finish the mission, it says complete. but I am not able to select the next one, the clock still in the countdown

Reply to  andre
1 month ago

go to your landing pot and fly home

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