ICARUS Week Ten Content Update Adds Deep Mining, Improves Talents

The tenth content update for ICARUS is a big one, relatively speaking. In addition to the usual bug fixes and minor improvements, today’s update also introduces Deep Mining, providing prospectors a more consistent way to mine the ore they need for higher-tier crafting. Some of the weaker talents have also been adjusted in an attempt to make them more appealing choices.

The Deep Mining Drills are available starting in Tier 3, with the Biofuel Deep-Mining Drill. The Tier 4 version is the Electric Deep-Mining Drill, which mines a fair bit faster. Both drills are designed to set-and-forget, since they mine pretty slowly. Currently, the T3 drill mines at a rate of ~1.3 ore/min, while the T4 drill operates at 2 ore/min. You can find these deposits on the floor of some large caves.

deep mining deposit icarus news
A deep mining Sulfur deposit

Rather than being an alternative to regular mining, the Deep Mining Drills are for long prospects where you’ll eventually need a large amount of ore. In these situations, they’ll theoretically save you time in the long run — though given the upfront cost to construct them, they’re arguably not worth building in their current state (at least not in most instances).

The talent changes are more clearly upgrades: Longer Lasting Effects now applies to way more consumables, and all the Bow talents now work with Crossbows as well. Some talents that weren’t properly applying to all items — Discount Blades and Longer Lasting Effects — should now work correctly. Check out the full patch notes below!

Icarus Patch Notes – Version

  • Added Deep Ore Mining system. This works as a long-term solution for maximizing world resources by providing access to huge quantities of resources (Iron, Silica, Gold, etc) albeit at a slow pace.
  • Added Biofuel Deep Mining Drill. This is a tier 3 Deep Mining Drill that operates slowly and is powered by Biofuel.
  • Added Electric Deep Mining Drill. This is a tier 4 Deep Mining Drill that operates at a faster rate than the Biofuel Drill and is powered by Electricity.
  • Added Deep Ore nodes to some caves. Ore types are randomized but in a weighted fashion to increase the likelihood most resources are available via deep mining.
  • Added ability to stack empty beer and wine bottles.
  • Fixed issue where the wound status would not apply correctly to Creatures.
  • Fixed issue where damage number would disappear before killcam finished.
  • Fixed ‘Pinning Shot’ applying to all attacks not just bow ones.
  • Fixed issue where ‘Longer-Lasting-Effects’ talent did not apply to all food buffs.
  • Fixed ‘Homing Instinct’ talent not applying to bolts as intended.
  • Fixed ‘Swift Flight’ talent not applying to Crossbows as intended.
  • Fixed Steel Knife not getting recipe cost reductions from the ‘Discount Blades’ talent as intended.
  • Updated text on some talents to clarify that they affect both Crossbows and Bows.
  • Fixed issue with options screen tooltips where they could be displayed off-screen.
  • Changed repair materials for Spear to use Sticks instead of Wood.
  • Optimized performance of several auxiliary light sources in the game.
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