ICARUS Week Thirteen: Talent Respec, Converting Exotics to Ren, Expanded Dropship Inventory

Talent respec feature has shown up in the last two content updates as RocketWerkz assured the community that the system is in the werkz (sorry), and as the devs shared the details about how it’s going to function once the update is live. It’s not surprising — Talent Respect has probably been the #1 requested feature for quite a while now, or at least the one that has remained very popular while it was being worked upon.

Well, no more waiting! The Talent Respec system is here, and it functions exactly as promised last week! Combined with the recent Talent updates, this means that you can undo both regular Talent Points and Solo Talent Points by spending Ren (icon rencurrency), while also having more Talent points to play around with overall due to the soft cap increase.

icarus week thirteen how to respec talents
Very helpful little UI demonstration from RocketWerkz!
  • Talent Respec Points cost icon rencurrency150 each.
  • They can be purchased in the Talents menu, but only while in Orbit.
    • Click the “Respec Points” in the top left. Purchase the Respec Points, then click on the Talent you wish to undo. After you spend the Respec Point on it, you will get the Talent Point back to spend elsewhere.
    • You can go through the same process with your Solo Talent Points, introduced last week.
  • Every existing player will receive 30 free Respec Points this week.

In other words, ICARUS offers a bit of a different experience than it did at launch (as you will hear us state in our review of the game), and in light of that we heard a request from Dean Hall himself this week — asking players to update their old reviews or leave new ones to reflect these changes:

We know some of you have been disappointed we didn’t provide a more stable and balanced game at launch, but hopefully these continued weekly updates show you we are working hard to address your concerns. Please consider leaving a review to support us, and if we have addressed your issues in your negative review – we’d love you to consider changing it to support the team. It makes a big difference for our teams morale.

– Dean Hall, the Game Runner

(If you would like to help out, here is the link to ICARUS’s Steam page!)

However, Talent Respec isn’t the only update we get to enjoy from this week: you can now sell the surplus of Exotics you have been sitting on all this time! (From all those Tier 4 gear grind missions, if you are like me.) You can now convert Exotics into it into Ren to fund your Orbital gear and Talent Respec!

  • 1 Exotic (icon metaexotic) will sell for 5 Ren (icon rencurrency).
  • To do this, look for the “Sell Exotics” button in the Workshop interface.
icarus week thirteen converting exotics into ren

In addition, there is now expanded Dropship Inventory, but that comes with the caveat that you can no longer stack the Orbital gear (precisely why it was expanded).

  • Dropship Inventory slots got increased from 10 to 15.

RocketWerkz shared a couple of observations on logic behind their decisions in the official announcement. But, if you just want to see the rest of the minor changes and fixes (quite a few of them this week!), we will leave you with the detailed changelog from the official article below!

  • Added Respec Points for talents.
  • Gifted all players 30 Respec points. All new players will receive 30 respect points on the first time they play the game.
  • Fixed visual gap on Crafting Recipe UI
  • Fixing max displayed level on prospect selection UI
  • [CRASH] Added safety check to hopefully prevent crash when fetching subsystem during shutdown
  • Fixing Flags being unset when assigning stat bonuses due to Talents
  • Fixing spline collision for power cables
  • Adding workshop tree padding to fix clipping issues and adjusting starting scroll position
  • Adding helper text on sleep screen untill we can have proper tooltips on there
  • Adding additional feedback UI to purchasing respec points and selling exotics
  • [CRASH] Fixing crash for Talent Interface model accessing absent data
  • [CRASH] Possibly fixed voxel material crash – can’t reproduce
  • Implemented Respec points in offline play
  • Fixed “HasCraftingRequirements” issue
  • Respec removes the ability to craft armor / anything that requires a flag if the if the talent retrained relied that on that flag
  • Can now refund multi-level talents even if they have dependant talents unlocked (up until a rank of 1).
  • Can no longer refund a talent if it would invalidate a D_TalentRanks requirement
  • Player can no longer right-click to retrain talents while on prospect
  • Increase Dropship inventory slot count from 10 to 15 to allow more workshop items to be transported to/from planet
  • Remove Stacking from Meta Workshop Items. This is to fix an issue where returning to Station with stacked items destroyed all but 1 of the items
  • Fixed level cap to level up popup was displaying incorrectly.
  • Fixed level cap on ‘Delete Character’ prompt.
  • Update names/icons for new talents
  • Fixed losing prospect data in offine play
  • Talent tweaks: Adjusted parent/child relations to better suit talents accessibility.
  • Add second stage to Field Medic.
  • Buffed Plyometrics stats
  • Removed first stage of Naturally Preserved to overall buff the talent vs cost.
  • Fixed Dense Packing I and II names.
  • Added Weight Capacity talent to Exploration tree.
  • Add Crops Yield, Health Buff, Stamina Buff, Melee Damage and Foraging Buff talents to Cooking/Farming tree to better promote specialization in that area.
  • Add Increased Damage for Crafted Arrows talent. Increased craft time for bulk ammo, added Pistol Bulk ammo crafting talent and recipe.
  • Add Increased Stamina Regen talent to Repairing tree
  • Increased yield on Wheat Crops by 4x
  • Change Pumpkin Bread to use Bread Decayable, increasing its spoil time from 800s to 3600s to match the other Bread items
  • Remove decay setup on Pickled Carrots
  • Reverting FLOD FISM optimizations for 1.1.3 so that we have rock collisions (Rock collision optimization went a bit too far)
  • Fixed armor not attaching to the player correctly after retrieving it from a loot bag.
  • [CRASH] Fixed a voxel material crash bug.
  • [CRASH] Fixed occasional crash in the shelter system
  • Fixed issue where weapons would unload zero ammo back to players inventory
  • Fixing talent tree progress bar dissappearing on max rank
  • Switched Leather Curtain Window asset to new revision. Add LODs
  • Automating fire spacializer based on intensity of blaze, removing old profilers and adjustment to spacializer from fmod update
  • First pass on the redesign of the solo talent tree
  • Fixed not being able to remove player waypoint by double clicking. Fixed issue where players could have more than one waypoint.
  • Fixed waypoint markers not being given the correct colour (same as owning player).
  • Fixed MapIconComponents not removing widget from parent once component was destroyed
  • Cliff pass and landscape sculpting on Outpost 2 Desert
  • Cliff Pass & Lake sculpting Pass on Forest Outpost 3
  • Landscape Sculpting and Cliff Placement, Outpost 008, Arctic
  • Fire audio intensity adjustments and balances
  • Scaled up water pipe spline and node meshes by 2x
  • Added Dropship Sitting animation
  • Added all lying in bed anims for new system
  • Increase XP curve to suit new levelling cap, increase hidden max level from 120 to 1000 to ensure more BPs are always awarded
  • Increase player max level from 99 to 120 to allow enough points awarding to unlock every blueprint (368 points currently awarded, 345 currently needed, gives a buffer for future items)
  • Add new Destructible Meshes to Wood Railings. Remove unneeded material slots
  • Adding missing audio to events where it was randomly missing.
  • [CRASH] Fixing client-only crash in FLOD due to FISM optimization
  • Fixed bus routing for fire building event and adsr adjustments
  • Tooltip now listens to and event and will update the shelter icon when the Projection component item changes
  • Submitted the Destructible layers for the assets BLD_Railing_Stairs_Wood and BLD_Railing_Wood
  • Removed the stat from VoxelResource and changed the Hitable to consume input
  • Moved light visibility toggling to BP_SkeletalItem_LightBase
  • Adding fire building event (duplicate of event with higher earlier intensity) and added to BP for testing
  • Re-enabled new map icon functionality for GOAP creatures
  • Fixing durability bar overlapping L slot hotkey
  • Fine tuning the fire event (duplicated) with some more low level bush sounds and volumes for single fire instance (bush) upwards
  • Texture adjustment of handheld cables to match spline node color scheme, new material instance for separate socket meshes
  • New node meshes/textures for electrical and water spline system
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