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Date: December 20, 2021

Today’s ICARUS hotfix doesn’t include much, but one change is particularly interesting — especially to anyone who wishes they could have more than three characters at a time. Although an increase to the limit hasn’t actually been implemented yet, support has been added for displaying more than three characters on the character select screen. It stands to reason that they wouldn’t bother with such a change if they weren’t at least considering adding more character slots.

Other notable changes include a fix to some out-of-bounds areas on missions and the addition of Exotic deposits to missions that were missing them. There are a few changes and bug fixes; see below for the complete patch notes.

ICARUS Patch Notes Version:

  • Fixed several issues with enemy spawns on some missions after resuming a saved prospect.
  • Fixed issue where Cargo Ships on Stockpile mission would sometimes not render correctly.
  • Fixed visual issue with Buffalo swim animation.
  • Fixed issue with incorrect briefing images on prospect selection screen.
  • Added Exotics deposits to a couple of missions that were missing them.
  • Added some additional Prompts to the Spirit Level: Survey Missions to help with Beacon placement
  • Fixed out-of-bounds start locations on some missions.
  • Fixed even more instances of spoil rates not being calculated correctly, or the UI not correctly displaying spoil time.
  • Fixed issue allowing people to duplicate crops from crop plots.
  • Fixed issue where growth speed modifiers were not correctly applied to crop plots.
  • Added support for displaying more than three characters on character select (although the 3 character slot-limit remains).

Have you found the three character limit an issue? Excited about the possibility of having more prospectors to leave on-planet? Let us know in the comments!

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